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Planning for 2016 49 comments
Have you thought about your goals for 2016? All month I’ve been contemplating my goals, which is hard because 2015 has been wildly successful. It’s hard to make new goals when you’ve already met so many. Here are some things I accomplished in 2016: Articles I have written have gotten thousands of shares One of my articles has garnered over 400,000 page views in one month I helped one of my clients get over 1 million page views in one month I worked with several new high-profile clients this year, including CNET and MTV My new goals focus on boosting creativity in new […]

What are Your Goals for 2016?

should you send a christmas card to business 30 comments
I’ve always said, if you want to get ahead in business, you need to get your name out in front of people as often as possible. Christmas cards are a great way to do that. They make the people you send them to feel nice instead of pressured or harassed like cold emails do. Should you send that holiday card? Here is a infographic sent to me by Grammarly to share with you that can help:

Should You Send Them a Holiday Card?

giphy free gifs 30 comments
Please enjoy this guest post by William B. Miller, Jr, M. D. Almost anyone reading this has been on social media sites, like YouTube or Facebook, that encourage active commentary on posts.  How many of you have watched a video seen by millions, liked by thousands and disliked by a few hundred? Lets consider Taylor Swift and her ‘Wildest Dreams’ video on YouTube based on metrics as of 11/21/15: 227,427,424 views, 1,790,763 likes and 84,748 dislikes. So, who are these people that dislike it? They are basically 1 out of every 3,000 viewers. What drives them to click dislike? Do […]

The YouTube That is You

women at work 35 comments
Business Woman Offers Advice To Others Ready To Take The Entrepreneurial Plunge Please enjoy this guest post. The number of American women who own their own businesses is on the rise. It’s estimated that more than 9.1 million women now lead their own enterprises. What’s more, from 1997 to 2014, when the number of businesses in the United States grew by 47 percent, those owned by women grew by 68 percent, according to a report published by American Express OPEN. One woman who is part of that trend – and is helping other women become their own bosses, too – […]

Who’s The Boss? More Women Decide They Are