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When you write for several different outlets, coming up with a continuous flow of article ideas can be a challenge. When I get stumped, I break out a piece of paper and draw a mind map. Mind maps are a form of brainstorming where you use colors and shapes to stimulate the brain. Here’s how I create article ideas with mind maps: I start by drawing a shape of the thing I want to write about (or just a circle). Right now I need to come up with some art article ideas, so I drew an artist’s palette. I write the […]

Using Mind Maps for Article Ideas

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During the past couple of weeks I have had an enjoyable time working with my new client, MTV. I write articles for them that focuses on tech from and for women. I can be a tech writer for you, too. Here are some clips from my first articles: 11 Reasons Polaroid Is Making a Comeback When we heard that Polaroid is coming out with a digital camera that prints photos, we have to admit, we got a little giddy. Any kid born in the ’80s or ’90s kinda has a soft spot for Polaroid, and is awaiting its domination of photography […]

New Client Shoutout: I’m a Tech Writer for MTV

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This post is in support of one of my favorite charities: Reading Is Fundamental As a writer, I have to support International Literacy Day. If there are no readers there are no writers, right? Just joking. I am a big reader and think that learning to read is one of the most important things a person can learn. For the celebration,  Grammarly recently sent me this infographic about the day that I think you’ll find interesting:

Celebrate International Literacy Day