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Should you have someone ghostwrite content for your site? Here are some pros and cons from my point-of-view as a freelance writer. Pros of Hiring a Ghostwriter You can spend your time doing something else for your business Your blog’s content will always be professional and error-free A ghostwriter can come up with topics or angles you may not think of Cons of Hiring a Ghostwriter You must spend time searching for the perfect ghostwriter You must take the time to explain to the ghostwriter what you want You may select a ghostwriter with poor writing skills Should I Get […]

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Ghostwriter

How not to run your social media campaigns 42 comments
This post is going to be controversial, so hold on to your hat. One Facebook ad that keeps popping up in my feed is by Boost Blog Traffic, which is run by Jon Morrow. Now, I love just about everything about Jon and I am a big fan, but this ad was a stinker. I mean skunk quality stink. In the ad, Jon is promoting a guide on how to write for Huffington Post. The ad is clearly targeted towards writers and not marketing professionals. As a professional writer, the ad rubbed me the wrong way. No Pay, No Way […]

How Not to Run a Facebook Ad Campaign, and a Few Other Tidbits

Problems when posting content 2 comments
Recently, I decided to poll business professionals about their greatest content marketing challenges and I got some surprises. How Often Do You Post Fresh Content to Your Site? My very first question was pretty simple: How often do you post fresh content to your site? You know what was surprising? Out of the 109 business owners polled, most didn’t know that they needed to post fresh content on their site on a regular basis. How often should you post? It is better to post no content than post thin or shabby content that search engines and visitors hate, but if […]

Poll: Biggest Problems Businesses Have When It Comes to Content Marketing and How to Fix Them

voice search SEO 26 comments
The other day I was reading Jeff Bullas’ article on the newest SEO trends for 2016 and one thing stood out above all the rest: voice search. I use Google voice search on my mobile phone constantly. I bet you’ve never considered optimizing specifically for voice search. Google and other search engines look for different things when doing voice searches as opposed to a typed search. This can mean some big things for your website. What Voice Searches Look For in Content Remember in English class when you learned the five Ws? If English class was a long time ago […]

Big SEO Change for 2016? Voice Search

where to use branding 44 comments
While researching an article for Content Groove (I’m the editor over there), I realized people are confused about what branding actually is. If you are one of those people, I’ll explain it. What is Branding: Branding Definition Here is my branding definition: Making your brand stand out from competitors with marketing that is consistent and recognizable as belonging to only your company. It’s pretty much that simple. You want everything, from your website copy to your logo to your images, to mesh together to create a cohesive message that people can remember. What people remember about you is called your branding […]

What is Branding?

SearchEngineLand-Periodic-Table-of-SEO-2015 27 comments
Recently, Search Engine Land released its Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors. This table consists of 37 factors that you need to create the ultimate SEO cocktail in 2015. Here’s a look at the table, then I’ll jump into each element and what it means. Breaking Down the Elements of Fantastic SEO Here the 37 elements of great SEO. I’m going to break each one down and tell you why they matter to your site. SEO Elements in Content To start off with, you always want to use great content. I’m a content specialist. Trust me on this one. Here are […]

Get Your SEO on Point with 37 Must-Have Ingredients