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best tweet time
I’ve written 100s of tweets for my clients, but I had never been a big user of twitter for myself. Until recently. No doubt, you’ve seen a lot of infographics that say that you should tweet from 1 to 3pm to get the most views. While the most people may be using Twitter during this time, that doesn’t mean your tweet is getting any notice. My daughter told me an interesting story that she learned at school the other day. Fish swim in large groups because staying in a group makes them less likely to get eaten. The predator won’t […]

Don’t Tweet with the Crowd

Recently, I was named one of the 2015 Top 50 Content Marketers to Follow on Twitter. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised. Before the summer of 2014, I never really bothered with Twitter. I concentrated on Pinterest, Google+ and Facebook. I struggled with Facebook after they’ve made so many changes and I realized that it may not be the best social media site for my type of business. So, I decided to give Twitter a shot. I mean, I had an account, I just wasn’t using it. I’ve done plenty of Twitter work for clients. Why wasn’t I using it for my own […]

5 Tips for Getting Really Good at Twitter

Here is a press release that talks about how I made it onto the top 50 Marketing Influencers on Twitter list. Make sure you follow me and the other good people listed.  By analyzing current conversations, keywords, hashtags and trending topics on Twitter, Cision identifies and ranks the most influential content marketers in the U.S.  CHICAGO (Dec. 08, 2014) –  Cision, a leading provider of cloud-based public relations and social software, today released its Top 50 Content Marketing Influencers on Twitter list. According to the Content Marketing Institute, “Content marketing’s purpose is to attract and retain customers by consistently creating […]

Cision’s Top 50 Content Marketing Influencers On Twitter List Released