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I give up on social media
There has been a lot of buzz aboutCopybloggerquitting Facebook. The general consensus about the situation is that Copyblogger gave up way too easily. (If you want to read some commentary, take a look at “What Copyblogger Could have Done with Its Facebook Page” by Jon Loomer. The comment section is…well, go look for yourself.) I understand wanting to move on. I recently sold a website I created for a nice tidy profit. I loved the site, but wanted to concentrate on other aspects of my business. I imagine that’s how Copyblogger felt about Facebook. It was obvious they had a […]

Never Give Up! Or Maybe Your Should

stop talking about page views
  Usually, when you ask someone how their site is doing, they will say, “Oh, it’s doing great! I’m getting (fill in the blank) page views!” That doesn’t really answer your question, does it? But you probably do the same thing when someone asks about your site. Let’s get one thing straight. Large page view numbers doesn’t ensure that you sale a lot of product. It doesn’t guarantee ad clicks. The only thing it really helps is to sale ads to companies. If that isn’t your focus, then you shouldn’t try so hard to increase your page views. You can […]

Page Views Don’t Define Your Site

I must admit.  I’m a speedy writer. Not to say I don’t work hard to get stories in by their deadline, research new markets and craft queries. I just don’t like wasting time. I want to get it done and move onto the part I love, the actual writing. Here are some ways I get to the fun part. Reference at Your Fingertips Everyone knows that you need a good dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, and, of course, The Writer’s Market. But thumbing through these can waste huge masses of time. Besides, why buy these reference books when you can easily access […]

Tips to Make Writing Easier

better pinterest marketing
Posting photos, illustrations or infographics on Pinterest is a great way to build interest and traffic for your site. Like any great seduction, though, less is more. Leave a little to the imagination. Keep those viewers wanting more so that they follow the Pinterest post to your site to feed their curiosity, ya know? When Too Much Is Detrimental There is a very famous women’s magazine I subscribe to that usesPinterest consistently. Usually, this would be a boon for site traffic. The magazine makes one fatal mistake over and over again, though. They make a slide show for their articles […]

Pinterest Tip: Less is More