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If you’ve posted content on the web for very long, you’ve probably had your articles stolen and posted on another site. Often, the thief will claim that he wrote the brilliant article you paid for. Well, here’s one way to thwart the lazier thieves: the No Copy Code. It keeps people from being able to copy and paste your articles or blogs. Simply copy this code into your site’s HTML and you’re golden: <script language=”JavaScript1.2″> //Disable select-text script (IE4+, NS6+)- By Andy Scott //Exclusive permission granted to Dynamic Drive to feature script //Visit for this script function disableselect(e){ return false } function reEnable(){ return true […]

Stop Thiefs from Stealing Your Content

Right now, as I’m writing this, I’m watching alerts pop up on my screen. They are telling me that a potential client is actually opening and clicking on links in the email I just sent her. I love not needing to wonder if my emails get opened and if my clip links get clicked on. How am I spying on my clients…or anyone else I send an email to? I installed the free app Sidekick by Hubspot into my browser. It sends me alerts when people open my emails, tells me how many times they open the email and what […]

How Sidekick by Hubspot Can Help You Find Work

If you are concerned about Google’s algorithms and how they penalize sites, then I’ve found a great article I think you’ll be interested in. I just read Douglas Idugboe’s article “How Google Panda And Penguin Are Affecting The Web.” It is chock full of goodness if you are building your own website or writing SEO articles for other’s sites.

Google Panda and Penguin Tips

Free flat icons for your website or blog.
Here’s a little something for your site for free. Nothing jazzes up a site more than interesting icons. Here are 384 that you can use for free on your site courtesy of Elegant Themes. Don’t say I never gave you anything. To download them, click on the link at the bottom of this post. Download these beautiful Free Flat Icons designed by

384 Free Flat Icons for Your Site

seo tips for newbies
Okay, I want to shout it from the rooftops: Most of your SEO and optimization tactics are hugely, utterly wrong! I have talked with many website owners over the years, and it seems like they all have been drinking the same content Kool-Aid. You can’t blame them for believing horrible optimization tactics. They were just hungry for some search engine love. It’s time to end the madness, though. Cutts Says Cut it Out with the Article Directories First, don’t use article directories to build links. Oh, I’ve known so many people that have wandered into this trap…and then Google gave […]

The Saga of Bogus SEO and Optimization Tactics

How to make money with blogger
I like to mess around with my personal blogs to find the best way to earn. This knowledge benefits my blogs and my customers. Recently, I have been toying with Blogger’s Dynamic Views blog themes. Here’s what I’ve found. Your Blogger Pageviews Skyrocket I switched from using the generic template to the Blogger Dynamic View template. These templates look very professional, so I figured they would be a great way to spruce up my writing blog. My views went up 400%. That is a fantastic jump. There’s just one problem. Your Blogger Earnings Plumet My earnings all but stopped. I ended […]

Dynamic Views? More Like Dismal Earnings