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How Important is Social Media?
I’ve talked a lot about how to get readers get to your website through search engines. It seems like social media marketing is the latest buzz when it comes to traffic trends. Many people are reporting that social media is much more valuable for attracting people to your site. I decided to do a little research on my own. I posted an article and then tracked how my visitors found it. In my search for the truth I found something amazing. Social Media Experiment Results Only 25 (not 25%…just 25) people found it using Google Search after an entire month. How […]

How Important is Social Media?

I’ve been really busy with clients lately. I love helping clients, but nothing gets me more steamed than potential clients wasting my time. This week I dealt with the all time, number one time waster. First, he refused to look at my site to see what type of services I offer and wanted me to type it all out in an IM for him. Then, he told me that he had a budget of around $3,000. When I quoted him a price of $1,000 for my services, he changed his mind and told me that his budget was actually $400, but […]

Crappy Potential Freelance Clients

Edit Your Site Copy Creating good copy is important to a writer like myself. It should be important to business owners, too. Copy full of errors looks unprofessional and can really turn off potential customers. You don’t want to be lumped in with the scam sites! Emails, blogs, and chat rooms encourage speed over accuracy, lulling business owners into the feeling that close is good enough.  If you plan on being successful, though, almost isn’t good enough. Here are some tips to help you get closer to perfection. When to Use Commas One of the most common problems even more skilled […]

How to Edit Your Site Copy: Commas, Quotation Marks and Semicolons

Today, I’m going to talk a little about marketing. I figure with the holidays coming up in a few months, this is a great time. Okay, I’ve been noticing a disturbing trend. Toy companies are coming out with “boy toys” painted pink and are branding them as “girl toys.” Not only that, but they are claiming that this is an amazing step towards gender equality and they are happy to lead the way. Umm, huh? For example, have you seen the Nurf Rebelle toys? They are basically the same foam shooting toy guns Nurf has always had, but now they’re […]

Why I Hate Female Equality Toy Marketing