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Many business owners want to know how to use social media to build their business. I like teaching by example, so let’s take a look at a company that not only did the wrong thing very publicly, they continue to do it. How Not to Use Social Media for Your Brand Back in May of 2012, on the reality show Kitchen Nightmares, Chef Gordon Ramsey visited Amy’s Baking Company. The couple refused to listen to any advice he had to give, admitted to taking their server’s tips and generally acted in a very unprofessional manor, which included yelling at customers. […]

How Not to Use Social Media: A Case Study Using Amy’s Baking Company

Lately, I’ve been getting what I like to call “free” clients. These are free clients that you don’t have to look for. They just fall into your lap. No cold calling. No emails. Nadda. So How Did I Get These Free Clients? My website. Yup, the one you’re looking at right now. These clients found my website and from the information on it, and nothing else, they wanted to hire me. That’s the power of a great writer’s website. Want to know my secrets to a great site that draws in free clients? Nix the Hosting Ads No hosting sponsored […]

How to Get Free Clients for Your Business

So your site was hit by Panda. Then it was hit by Penguin. Then, Hummingbird came along. Don’t worry, all is not lost, my friend. It’s just that the old SEO techniques that you’ve used over the past few years need to be thrown out the window and replaced with ones that work after these three major algorithms changes. The beautiful part about new SEO is that the changes will make your site look more professional and they will be more likely to weather new Google algorithms. Go Long! For years, people have been saying, “Only post content that is […]

New SEO Tips That Will Give Your Site Google Mojo

I frequent many forums. I like to lurk, absorbing the knowledge that my peers type about companies and publishers. Recently, though, I stumbled upon a thread full of angry writers. The writers all freelanced for a publication that I wrote for, as well. The publication had decided to essentially put all freelance projects on hold while they sorted out financial issues. I understood and was patiently waiting to hear if I would get to work with them again. The group of writers in this thread didn’t feel the same. Many threatened the company with a smear campaign. Others posted hateful […]

Businesses Shouldn’t Burn Bridges