Daily Archives: March 5, 2014

I drink wine and think the bottles are so pretty. I have rows of colored glass bottles in my living room windows (take a look, below), but I wanted to go a step further.I saw a liquid soap dispenser on Pinterest made from a Jack Daniels bottle and figured I could do the same with a wine bottle. I picked a pretty green one and topped it with a pump saved from an old bottle of lotion. Here is how to make the Bottle Top Mirror.

Wine Bottle Soap Dispenser Craft

I am challenging myself to spend less than $100 per week on groceries. I have a family of four and various freinds and neighbors that come over for random meals. Can I do it? Here is my three week diary! Spending Less on Groceries: Week One On my first week, I didn’t do so fantastic. I spent $115.35. I went a little over, but in my defense, we were out of almost everything and I got tons of stuff. In fact, I got 42 items. Several of these items weren’t food and included bathroom supplies, so I didn’t do too […]

3 Week Challenge: Feeding a Family on Less than $100