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pump faucet 17 comments
I finally finished another step in my bathroom makeover. My hubby installed a faucet that looks like one of the old pump-style kitchen faucets. It is a Pfister Ashfield faucet and I love it! You can see more of my bathroom makeover in this post. Here is what it looked like before:  

Bathroom Makeover: New Faucet

  April Fools day is a lot of fun…as long as you have a cool prank to pull. Here are four pranks that are fresh and fun. Cabbage HatThis one is a great joke to play on a little kid…and it’s stylish, too! Take the outer leaves off of a head of cabbage and place them on everyone’s head like a hat…except for the child you are trying to prank. Have everyone sit and wait for the little target to walk into the room. When the kid walks in, watch their reaction to the hat party. It will be priceless. Photocopier […]

4 Original Pranks for April Fools

    Our floors needed a pick-me-up…badly. We pulled up the carpet and realized the people who owned the house before we did got paint all over the hardwood floors. I didn’t have time to sand the old stain off and apply new stain, so I used a primer and paint all-in-one instead. It covered up all the yuckiness and looks really nice. The color is Chipotle Paste.Do you have some floor nightmare stories?

Painted Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Today, let’s go outside for our craft. I love pallet crafts, so I asked my husband to bring me some home from work. He brought a whole stack! The little spaces in-between the slats gave me an idea. What if I made a garden plot from the pallets? So that’s just what I did.First, I laid down a layer of old carpet on the ground to prevent weeds. Then, I laid the pallets on top of the carpet, making sure that there was a  walkway in-between each one.Finally, I filled the spaces between the slats on the pallet with soil […]

How to Make a Garden from Pallets

Okay, this may come off as HUGELY cheap, but I re-fluff pillows instead of buying new ones. I just hate how, after just a few months, a pillow goes limp and flat, but I refuse to go get a new pillow. To get that brand-new feeling, I wash the pillow in my washing machine with hot water and lots of laundry detergent (I find that they need extra because oils from your head are extra difficult to remove.) Then, I throw it in the dryer on medium heat until it’s dry. Poof! The pillow is soft and fluffy once more!

How to Make an Old Pillow Like New

I like Walmart because I save a lot of money on groceries there. I hear a lot of people say they’d shop at Walmart if it wasn’t for their terrible produce.Most of the time my produce is fresh, but then at other times it’s goo city. Don’t waste money on goo! Walmart has a policy that it will refund your money as long as you bring them a receipt. Yah, I just learned that!While we’re talking about this particular store, check out their website’s Value of the Day page to find great deals. They post a different deal every day.

Don’t Pay for Rotten Fruit at Walmart

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Bright and cheery decor!I am a Pinterest addict. I recently saw a pin for tissue paper pom-poms and I pinned it right away. I’m redecorating my office (here is the before and after I redid my filing cabinets) and thought, why not? You can follow Toni’s pom-pom instructions on her site, but the way I did it differs just a bit because I used two colors of tissue paper to match my color scheme. The whole project cost under $10, but made a big impact.Here’s how I did it: Take four sheets of tissue paper and lay them on your work surface. Accordion fold […]

My Office Makeover: Paper Pom-Poms DIY

    Yesterday, I told you that I was redecorating my office and will be posting the results throughout the month (Click here to see the before photos). Today, I am going to show you my first project. My office contains two rusty filing cabinets that I decided to restyle in a funk, retro way.I’ve seen other projects where people have restyled filing cabinets with paper and paint. Well, I did mine with paint and vintage fabric I got for free on Freecycle.My office decor colors are a perky yellow and a cobalt blue. So, I painted the cabinets with Rustoleum […]

My Office Makeover: Chic, Retro Restyled Filing Cabinets

    My office is the sunroom in our house. Two walls are completely covered in windows. It is a tiny room, but I love having my own office for my business (I’m a freelance writer and illustrator).Here are a few photos of my office before I started redecorating.It’s all pretty boring. The walls are white, the floor is white. Everything is white. I have to very old filing cabinets that aren’t in the photos because I’m redoing them. That’s tomorrow’s post!Yup, tomorrow you will see how I took two rusty filing cabinets and turned them into very fashionable storage containers. I’m […]

My Office Makeover: Before

  Recycling clothing in the form of hand-me-downs comes with a lot of problems. Who hasn’t had a hand-me-down melt-down? You are frantically trying to get your kids ready for school when your youngest yells, “I can’t wear this! This was (insert the name of older child here) shirt!” For parents of two or more children, the struggle is inevitable. How do you get a child to wear hand-me-downs without a major face off?Most parents realize hand-me-downs are a great way for parents to save money, but most kids don’t know this. “If money dictates you start using hand-me-downs, then explain […]

How to Get Kids to Wear Hand-Me-Downs and Save the Earth

    I am big on finding trash on the side of the road and turning it into something nice. Well, I found a huge nicknack shelf on the side of the road. It looked like a dog had taken big bites out of it, so I had to putty, paint, and tighten the whole thing. I think it turned out nice. Go through the pictures in the slide show to watch how I fixed it up.

Dumpster Diving Shelf Redo

I drink wine and think the bottles are so pretty. I have rows of colored glass bottles in my living room windows (take a look, below), but I wanted to go a step further.I saw a liquid soap dispenser on Pinterest made from a Jack Daniels bottle and figured I could do the same with a wine bottle. I picked a pretty green one and topped it with a pump saved from an old bottle of lotion. Here is how to make the Bottle Top Mirror.

Wine Bottle Soap Dispenser Craft

I am challenging myself to spend less than $100 per week on groceries. I have a family of four and various freinds and neighbors that come over for random meals. Can I do it? Here is my three week diary! Spending Less on Groceries: Week One On my first week, I didn’t do so fantastic. I spent $115.35. I went a little over, but in my defense, we were out of almost everything and I got tons of stuff. In fact, I got 42 items. Several of these items weren’t food and included bathroom supplies, so I didn’t do too […]

3 Week Challenge: Feeding a Family on Less than $100

On the show Extreme Couponing, you see people hording masses of products. They generally call this their “stockpile.” This mass of goods is a fantastic way to weather economical hardships.The problem with this is that most people will never even try it because, well, we don’t want to become extreme couponers. Umm, it takes way too much time! Am I right?I have a solution. I’ve used this technique to build my own stockpile for times when the money was scarce in-between paychecks. Every time you go shopping, buy something you don’t need, but will eventually use. Make sure that the extra item is a product […]

How to Make a Grocery & Home Goods Stockpile the Smart Way

What is on my face? That came in my VoxBox to try for free. It is Boots Botanics’ Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask. It instantly made my skin feel cool and refreshed. I was impressed at how quickly it dried. No extra waiting, which is great for busy gals. There’s no smell or perfumes, too, which I love. My face was so soft when I washed it off! My daughter said my face felt smooth like a grape. LOL.

Boots Botanics Ionic Clay Mask #powerofplants

how to make art with grout 61 comments
After redoing my kitchen’s backsplash, I had a lot of grout left over. I ended up using it to make some wall art for my bathroom as part of my bathroom makeover. Here’s how I did it: First, I taped a piece of cardboard to the back of a picture frame using Frog Tape. Masking tape would work, too. I picked an old, weathered frame for my wall art. Next, I flipped the frame over and filled it with grout using a putty knife. Make sure to get the grout right up to the edge of the frame. This is what […]

Super Cool DIY Wall Art Using Grout

Backsplash made with sea glass. 14 comments
Need a new idea for your kitchen? I had a bunch of sea glass left over from the decorations we used in our wedding and I wanted to use it in our house. I went out and bought some grey grout and went to work. I used a putty knife to smear the grout all over the wall. I kept smearing until I had a quarter of an inch of grout on the wall. Before the grout had time to dry, I stuck the sea glass into the grout.      

Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash with Sea Glass