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Winter Depression by Ramzi Hashisho Winter is often a time of sad feelings and depression. This widespread phenomenon has been widely diagnosed as seasonal affective disorder, which comes from the lack of light during the winter solstice. As a writer, I get seasonal affective disorder because I’m indoors all the time. Or so I thought. Research suggests, though, that there may be another, overlooked, cause for winter depression: Mold. The Findings Edmond Shenassa, Brown University epidemiologist, who led a study on data collected from eight European cities, said that there was a link between depression and living in a home […]

How to Fight Mold-Related Winter Depression

After months of being in read-only mode, Suite 101 has its writer system back up and running…along with a new payment structure. Here is what their support page says: To qualify, you must be in good standing, and have accumulated at least 25 readers in the past month. As a rule, if you write meaningful, engaging pieces, your audience will grow – and as it does, so will your fee.Regular readers Payment1000+ $1000500 $500250 $250100 $10050 $5025 $25 Unlike many sites, we don’t track (misleading, manipulable) vanity metrics like uniques, pageviews and impressions. Instead, we look at visitor behavior to […]

Suite 101 Payment Changes

“How much should I get paid for freelance writing?” I hear this question all the time. Usually, I just answer with a vague, “It depends,” but for my HTBFW readers out there I’ll break it down. Before anything else, you need to decide how much money you need. You see, you can make anything from a few dollars to a few thousand dollars per week. As a freelancer, you get to decide what you get paid and what hours you work. So sit down and do the math. Start by deciding how much money you need to survive each month. […]

How Much Should I Get Paid for Freelance Writing?

In my last post, I talked about how writers should avoid Ozio Media because they have a tendency not to pay their writers. Now they are in the spam business, too. I’ve been getting emails from them like this gem: There’s no easier way than by creating acontent-rich money-making website on a topic youlove. Why? Low-risk (This is the ‘slow and steady’ approach). Get started for as little as $50-$100. Takes only 3 hours a week to do. Don’t need a product to sell. Make money doing something you love, livinganywhere in the world you choose to be. Last month […]

Ozio Media Sends Spam

Ozio Media is a company that hires writers, as freelancers, to complete copywriting projects for their clients. The projects are usually pretty easy and the pay is around $3 per 100 words. It’s a fair side job. That is, if they pay. Ozio is known for not paying their writers. Currently, they owe me over $500. Ann, who runs the payment section of the company, doesn’t reply to emails unless she feels like it (almost never) and then doesn’t pay you even after many promises. Here are some others that have had problems with Ozio Media: Ozio Media AVOID THIS […]

Writers Should Avoid Ozio Media