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Lately, I’ve been getting what I like to call “free” clients. These are clients that you don’t have to look for. They just fall into your lap. No cold calling. No emails. Nadda. So how did I get these clients? My website. These clients found my website and from the information on it, and nothing else, they wanted to hire me. That’s the power of a great writer’s website. Want to know my secrets to a great site that draws in free clients? No ads. If your website has ads, that’s a sure sign you’re a novice because you can’t […]

“Free” Clients for Your Writing Business

I must admit. I’m a speedy writer. Not to say I don’t work hard to get stories in by their deadline, research new markets and craft queries. I just don’t like wasting time. I want to get it done and move onto the part I love, the actual writing. There are many sites made specifically to aid writers on their quest for information, resources, and education. Below are some of the best to help you save time and get writing. Reference at Your Fingertips Everyone knows that you need a good dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia and, of course, The Writer’s Market. […]

Speedy Writing Tips for Beginners

The other day, I was visiting one of my favorite forums and found a post by a writer that is down in the dumps because he can’t seem to make more than a few dollars per article. All he does is do work for content mills. I gave him some tips on how to make more money, and it occurred to me that some of my readers may like to read the tips, too. Here they are. Apply, Apply, Apply! What I do to make more than a few bucks per article is to apply to writing jobs. Gathering real life clients […]

Tips for Making More Money as a Writer