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I know many of my readers are also secret shoppers, so I thought it would be good to alert you to a scam that is going around. You sign up as a secret shopper, the guy, James Martins, sends you a check using express mail and the email, below. Of course, the check bounces and your account gets in the hole, but he gets the money scott-free. I didn’t cash the check he sent me, so don’t worry. I knew it was a scam, and even if I didn’t, If you look very closely at these checks you will see […]

James Martins Secret Shopper Scam

Today I’m going to take a break from freelance writing and share a few sites that you can make money on. These are great breaks when you get burnt with your regular clients. There are a lot of online scams out there on the web, but there are also legitimate, easy ways to make money online. These free ways to make money online are companies that usually have the user perform small tasks for predetermined amounts of money. This money gradually adds up and is deposited into a PayPal account or bank account. Here is a list of sites that […]

Easy Ways to Make Money Online