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I stumbled upon a forum post over at about a site that hires writers called Gravytrain. This lead me to a disturbing article at BCBusiness about the site. It seems that any writing ethics are thrown clean out the window, at least that’s what the owners fessed up to. Not only that, but do you get paid well for all of this debauchery? Nope. It looks like they named themselves in a misleading fashion because a gravy train it is not. They claim you make around $25 to $40 per hour. You get around $12 per 500 word article […]

Freelance Writing Jobs: Gravytrain Isn’t a Gravy Train

Since I wrote my blog on Grab a Writer a few days ago, I’ve seen many writers claim that Grab a Writer is a scam and doesn’t have any actual jobs. Well, I beg to differ. Today I was emailed a job opportunity for one of their clients. Here’s what the job looked like: Take a look at that price for 10 articles! I would get a whopping $2.50! Wow, somebody catch me because I’m about to faint at my good fortune. As a writer, you can click on the magnifying glass to see the details of the project: Sorry, I’m going to need […]

Grab a Writer Does Have Jobs

Well, Suite 101 got around to posting scores and earnings for November. My score has gone up to 48, even though I haven’t done anything, really. My channel hasn’t launched yet because I haven’t written a new article for it. According to my stats, a score of 48 gets you an estimated $40. I have a buddy that has a score of around 100, and she will make around $100 this month. So, for each point, it looks like you earn a little less than $1. Take a look at my dashboard:

November Suite 101 Scores and Earnings Posted

I just heard of a brand new freelance job site for writers named Grab a Writer. From what I can tell, they have some active clients hiring freelance writers. The site is a lot like Elance, except there is no bidding. People search the writers’ profiles until they find the person they want, then hire them through the Grab a Writer system. I think the part I like best about the site is that the writer gets to set their price, the amount of hours they are willing to work and their turn-around time. This helps insure that you don’t get somebody […]

Freelance Job Site: Grab a Writer

Some of my fellow Suite 101 writers are confused about the new publishing process, so I agreed to write a post on it, complete with pictures. Here’s what the publishing dashboard looks like: Like with WordPress or other blogging platforms, you type in your title, an intro and your article body into the spaces given. You add images by pressing the little button that looks like mountains. This is a big upgrade from the old photo system, which wouldn’t let you put the photos anywhere but at the top and bottom of the article. This new process lets you put them where ever you […]

Publishing Articles on the New Suite 101

Way back in early 2010, Suite 101 was hit with the Google Panda smack down. Many writers lost vast amounts of income through the site. Since then, the site has been revamped and many writers are wondering if they should give it a try. During my six years with Suite, I amassed 314 articles, mostly about fine art, and thousands of dollars worth of income. The last time I checked, my income from the residual income site was around $10,000. That means that I’ve earned around $31 for each article on the site. Most of the articles took me around 30 minutes […]

Suite 101 Back in Action?

I’m thinking about doing a writing event in my area. Maybe a write-a-thon type thing or a meet local authors type thing. I don’t have the budget to hire an event planner and I’m not sure I can hack it by myself. I mean, I’ve thrown small parties and I planned my wedding, but this is different. Have any of my readers ever used event management software? If so, how does it work? I was unaware that it even existed until today. Apparently there are companies that create this type of software and customize the software to your specific event. […]

Event Management Software?

The other day, one of my writing friends recommended OverBlog.  This site takes all of your social media posts and gathers them on one site. All you need to do is allow the site to link to your social media posts from Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, Youtube, Flickr and Facebook. You can also create blogs on the site.Then, the site pays you for page views, or at least that’s how I understand it. It looks like they are in a flux right now. You could add your Adsense code…now I can’t find it and others say changes are being made. It’s in Beta mode, […]

What is OverBlog?