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My daughter holding one of my first cameras. Up until recently, I had a Cannon Rebel EOS camera to take pictures for all of my freelance articles. Now, let’s just say I don’t have it any more. All I have is the camera on my smartphone. This got me to thinking, just how important is the type of camera you use for photos? Way back at the beginning of my freelancing career, I used a SLR camera, until it broke. Then I moved on to using disposable wedding cameras. Yep, you read that right. My husband took pity on me and bought me a […]

Disposable Wedding Cameras or a Cannon Rebel: How Important is Photos When You’re a Freelance Writer?

I signed up with Blog Distributor years ago and then forgot all about it. A week ago, I started getting emails from them with blogging offers. I scoffed at first, but then I decided to give them a try.  Here’s how the site works: You sign up your blog(s). The site checks you blog to make sure that it is high quality. I saw a review about Blog Distributor on another blog. The blogger was ranting that she got turned down because she didn’t have a firm grasp of the English language…so I guess there is proof they have standards. They […]

Blog Distributor Review: Make Money With Your Blog

I was alerted to ContentCurrent by a fellow writer in a Facebook group I’m a member of, so I checked it out. According to their site, “As a Content Current writer you will be able to pick the writing tasks that you like and submit them through our easy-to-use interface. There are thousands of writing tasks waiting to be completed on ContentCurrent right now.” Before you can write those articles, though, you must write a 500 word “test article.” My test article is about “Hartford Technical College.” I’m not sure if I’ll write it. The test article is graded by editors […]

Writting for ContentCurrent

It’s a scary world out there for spider babies, but a mommy spider knows how to protect her eggs from predators. She makes a strong sac from a web of sticky threads to hold the eggs until they are ready to hatch. You and your kids can make your own egg sac to add to your Halloween spider web decorations using a few simple items. What You Need: · Aleene’s Tacky Glue · Paper plate · Pencil · Petroleum jelly · White sewing thread · Scissors · Seed beads · Wax paper What You Do: 1. Pour a dollop of […]

Make a Halloween Spider Egg Sac

A while back I made posted about Interact Media, asking anyone if they had used the site before. Well, I decided to give it a shot.  Interact Media offers writing work that pays $.007 to $.16 per word. On the high-end of the scale, the pay isn’t bad, but these jobs are few and are only offered to writers with a five-star rating. I figured this out because I started with a four-star rating and moved up to a five-star rating.  The site is a lot less user-friendly than some of IM’s competitors and the site is a bit old-fashioned. Otherwise, I […]

Update on Interact Media