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When I’m writing articles for clients, there are times I need to look up some information and nothing burns my biscuits faster than Google tossing me crap sites. I need info quickly and don’t have time to wade through sites with questionable information. So, I have employed the use of Google’s site blocking tool to keep certain sites from reappearing in my results. If you want to do the same, you can borrow from my list of blocked sites, below. Do you have any sites to add to the list? 1 second ago Manually blocked Unblock 37 seconds […]

Managing Your Search Results When Doing Research

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Guest Post by Jessalynne Madden Are you considering a career as a freelance writer?  Have you heard about Elance?Elance is a social media platform specifically designed to connect freelance professionals with short-term work as well as long –term projects and consistent clients.Does this sound good to you?  There’s more!Elance provides an area for serious writers to develop their abilities as freelance professionals.  Sharpening your techniques on Elance will equip you to be a successful freelance writer long into the future. Are you already familiar with Elance? If you have taken the time to set up a profile on Elance and […]

Freelance Writing Tips from Professional Elance Contractors

This month I have decided to do my own little NANOWRIMO. Yes, I know that National Novel Writing Month is in November,  not July, but to hell with it! Every November, I promise myself that I will participate in writing a novel as a gift to myself, since my birthday is November 22. Every year I end up mad at myself because I don’t even start a novel, let alone finish one. It’s like saying, “Here’s your birthday present. Oh, the box is empty? Oh well.” I write non-fiction to pay the bills, so jumping into a work of fiction […]

July is National Novel Writing Month, for Me