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For many writers, you say the words “Demand Studios” and they cringe. For years, DS has been the poster child for content farms, low pay rates, poor editing and headaches. Recently, though, they gained a new editorial staff, so I decided to give them another try. I have to say, I am amazed. They are offering higher paying gigs with well-known publishers. I’ve only run into one editorial glitch, but I think it was due to a new copy editor that hasn’t fully read the article requirements. If you’ve ever written for DS you know what I’m talking about. There […]

Is Demand Studios Getting Better?

I’ve found a new way to get freelancing jobs and I love it. The company is called Skyword (this is not a referral link) and it is a middleman of sorts that connects writers with big publishers. At first, I was leery of using them. All of their clients were paying very little for articles, so I waited. After a while, the site started to get bigger and bigger clients. Currently, they have clients that are paying $10 to $200 per article. Once you are a member of the site, you can apply to write for clients. If you are accepted, you follow […]

Freelancing Opportunity: What is Skyword?

I Guess I Wasn’t Hungry Enough to Accept  I saw this article, I Turned Down a Book Deal Last Week, on Facebook and had to click on the link. Normally, the name of the blog would have been enough. You turned down a book deal? Gasp! But for me, it was more than that. You see, I too have turned down a book deal.  It was two years ago and it was on a subject I love: home food storage. I came up with an outline and a table of contents. I was excited. Then, I learned how much I was going […]

I Said ‘No’ to a Book Deal, Too

For any of you writers out there that still creates articles for Demand Studios, I have some news. Demand has changed their payment policy. Here is what they posted in the forums: Hello everyone, As you already know, Demand Media Studios has been expanding to include writers, editors and translators in Latin America for the growing eHow Espanol site. As the Studio community grows to include additional roles in new parts of the world, we have needed to review and update our current practices to best support our international community. As such, starting June 5 we are making a change […]

Demand Studios Changes Payment Policy