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I received an email from TMDM and I thought I’d pass along the information to my readers: Dear Alina –  Thanks for your interest in our platform: Please start with an application here : Once inducted – you can start accessing dozens of daily orders posted on there. The pricing is better than industry standards – therefore you would have write-ups that come with rates starting from 0.02$/word all the way up to 0.07$/word. Remember – these are flat rates paid directly to you – we do not take a cut because it is us, the platform, posting orders and […]

Freelance Job Opening: TMDM Writer’s Platform

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Facepalm! What is wrong with people? One of my new clients recently used “ugh” and “this is really terrible” when sending back three articles for edits. Now, usually, this unprofessional attitude wouldn’t bother me. I would make the edits, collect my money and be on my way. Not with this guy, though. This guy told me to make edits that didn’t even make sense. He said that even though my grammar was correct he still hated my sentences. He didn’t like that I used the word “people.” It went on and on. Then, at the end of the tirade on […]

How to Deal With Rude Clients Without Ruining Your Week

It’s that time of year again. Offers for writing jobs, editing jobs and book cover art projects are flying at me from all directions! I love it when I am overloaded with work. Part of a freelancer’s life is dealing with dry spots, but soon there are floods. You have to be prepared for both. I stay prepared for the floods by staying organized. I keep track of due dates, estimate how long each project will take, and break it down into manageable chunks. I prepare for the droughts by saving up money when I can and downsizing as much as possible. […]

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