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I have recently joined up with Writer Access. They tend to pay on the lower side for projects, but, like other sites I’ve written about lately, they are a good way to fill in your income in-between bigger jobs. They pay on a sliding scale, which is posted on this page. There are various types of projects, including articles, web page writing and blogs. Some of their customers ask a lot for very little money. For example, there was a post the other day requiring the writer to write three web pages for a total of $17.50. The biggest problem […]

What is Writer Access?

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I have recently been doing some writing for Scripted. This site is basically a middleman. Business owners go to Scripted with a project and Scripted finds the best writer for the job using their database. Writers sign up, apply for niche areas to write in, and then are assigned work as it comes available. The rates vary, depending on the type of work. Blogs usually pay around $20, for example. You don’t get paid extra for photos, though, which is my only complaint. I really like this site. There’s no need to submit bids or hunt for work. If you need a […]

Freelance Writing Jobs: Scripted

  One of my favorite stores to shop at is Factory Connection. There are a  few reasons why: They have plus sized clothing that doesn’t look like it belongs on my grandmother. They have low prices and sales that cant be beat. They have funky shoes that you can’t find in other stores. They have men’s clothes, too. During the spring, my husband and I happened to walk past our local Factory Connection. They were having a sidewalk sale, like they do every week to get rid of inventory. I got a wool coat for $1!!! My husband got a […]

Factory Connection Saves You Big Bucks on Plus Size Fashion

Recently, on one of the Facebook groups that I am a member of, a writer posted a link to an online article. She then proceeded to ask the other writers how they felt about the article because she was confused about how the article fit with the voice of the site. Another writer promptly posted that it was wrong to critique another writer’s work in a Facebook thread because it may hurt the writer’s feelings. Umm, huh? If a person can’t stand being criticized then they have no business being a writer. God knows many editors (in the publishing world […]

Analyzing Other Writers and Articles

I came upon a blog with a posting that listed links to their most-read blog post. I think that’s a great idea. I mean, how else are your readers going to know where the hot information can be found? So, I made a list for this blog. (You should try this on your blog, too!) Here is How to Be a Freelance Writer’s most read posts: Freelance Jobs: What is Emerging Cast?May 24, 2010, 21 comments A New Residual Income Site: Wizzley Jan 5, 2012 Demand Media Studios Now Charges for Revenue Share… Jan 5, 2011, 3 comments Tweet for […]

Most-Read Articles Ever on How to Be A Freelance Writer