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I just got this press release and I thought I’d pass it along to my readers: Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida (February, 2012)   2012 is a going to be a great year for blogging. It’s still one of the best tools in the SEO toolbox, and a great way to brand oneself. Professional bloggers command attention and lead a remarkable life influencing trends, creating benchmark ideas, giving readers some of the best information out there. Due to the online media growth exploding over the last few years, blogging has grown in popularity and has certainly caught the attention of the International […]

International Food Wine and Travel Writers Association Invite Food Wine and Travel Bloggers to Become Members

I believe that the future of publishing will continue towards online venues and digital formats. Print is a great format, but it is expensive to create and hard to sell, especially when more and more people are using their computers, tablets and readers to get most of their information. Writers, publishers and editors need to keep pace with the changing technology to keep up with the market needs. Eventually, I believe that almost all written media will eventually be in digital format. Will this mean that many magazines and papers will have to close their doors? Most certainly, but that […]

The Future of Publishing: My Opinion

Hyperlink Publishing hires writers to create 1,500-3,000 word mini-books. These books are how-to guides and cliff notes on books and TV shows. The site offers writers two different payment options. You can either collect 20% royalties for life or take a flat rate of around $25 to $50. There is also a third option that appears from time to time. You can take 20% royalties for life plus a $20 flat fee. The rates are low, I know, but it may be a good gig for times when you need filler jobs in-between clients. I think that’s what I’ll use […]

What is Hyperlink Publishing?

I have found a new site that I love. It’s called Contently and its purpose in life is to give writers a kick-butt way of displaying clips in one location. I’m usually not so enthusiastic about sites, but this one is just so well-planned that I can’t help it. The best part about Contently is that you can type in a general web address and Contently will find all of the articles you authored on that site and add links to them in your profile. You don’t have to do it manually. For example, I am a regular contributor to Thalo Magazine. So, […]

Awesome Free Portfolio for Your Writing Clips