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Can you believe that I was targeted by another freelance writer scam? That’s two this month! What is wrong with these people? I was asked to edit the text of an article for a guy named Jason Dickson. (His email is, just in case you get targeted by him. Nothing unusual there. The text was particularly horrible, so I charged more. The guy said that he’d mail me a check. This was my first mistake. Writer’s don’t ever accept checks as payment if it’s from someone you’ve never heard of and that is an individual. Checks from big companies are fine. Next, the […]

Another Freelance Writer Scam: They’re Everywhere!

I was targeted yesterday by a scammer. I had applied for a job writing for the company Roche, so I wasn’t surprised when I got a text message from a guy, Randy Edward, claiming to be part of their HR. He told me that he wanted to do an IM interview through Yahoo. Okay, I’ve done IM interviews before. No problem. The interview progressed just like any other. It got weird when he said that I needed to purchase some equipment from one of the software companies that they use and that they would reimburse me. Now, I realize some legitimate companies […]

Beware of the Roche Writer’s Scam

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No doubt, finding more freelance work is on the top of your New Year’s to-do list. You may want to try getting a freelance position with the US government. The pay is good and the work can be steady, well, until they cut funding for your project, at least. If  a position with the government sounds good, I’ve found a site that makes finding writing jobs easy. FedBizOpps is a site run by the US government and offers a search engine that finds jobs based on keywords. Surprisingly, there are several openings for writers and artists. Head on over there and take a look at […]

Freelance Writing and Job Searching: Government Jobs

Interact Media is another place that freelance writers can make some cash. They require you to do an initial article so that they can rate your writing skills. Once you are rated, you can claim assignments that match your rating. Of course, how much you’re paid depends on your rating. They also offer payments for affiliate work. Interact pays twice a month through PayPal. The site takes a percentage of your wages in return for providing you with assignments. Personally, this sounds like Textbroker and some other low-paying sites I’ve seen. Has anyone tried them before? How much do they […]

What is Interact Media?

In my last post I wrote about a content site that pays $3 per article. I got this comment soon after: Alina, I write for writers domain and I think it’s a decent way to learn the ropes of freelance writing and get a little extra cash too. I’ve also done Textbroker in the past. Neither are the $50/hr jobs that you’re looking for, but you’re probably a much higher-caliber writer; I’m just getting started. While I definitely would like to get paid more, I also don’t want to spend my time weeding through work and not getting paid. Looking […]

Why Writing for $3 Per Article Isn’t Going to Help Your Freelance Career

Well, I like to feature the great places to get freelance writing work and the ones that you should stay far, far away from. In this case, it is the latter. Writers Domain is another content farm that pays almost nothing. They pay based on a five star rating system. If you get a 2 or 3 star rating you get $3 per article. If you get a  4 or 5 star rating you get paid $3.30 per article. Umm, really? Please, even if you are new to freelance writing, do not, I repeat, do not work for sites that pay these types of […]

What is Writers Domain?

I came across a site the other day that is looking for writers. I’m not sure how much they pay or what kind of writing they want, but I thought I’d pass along the name of the site and their contact information. The site is Personalive Services and you can inquire about a writing job by sending them a cover letter and your resume to this email address. If you have any information about this site, be sure to let me know about it in the comments, below.

What is Personalive Services?

Do you know a lot about technology and have a lot of fresh ideas for articles? Then you may want to apply at Make Use Of. This site is hiring writers that can pitch tech article ideas and then write them well. Here’s their stats: They pay a minimum of $60 per post and more for experienced writers They pay bonuses if you meet certain criteria They pay through PayPal They pay every month

What is Make Use Of?