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Tired of the usual job finding tips for writers? Yah, me too. I follow a lot of blogs and they seem to have the same advice over and over again. So, I decided to write a post about some of my favorite “undercover” job finding methods. Follow companies you would like to write for on Twitter and Facebook. Watch their feeds for clues that they may need new talent, such as posts stating that they are expanding or opening a new site. Watch your friend’s LinkedIn updates. When they join a new company, ask if they know of any openings […]

4 Sneaky Ways to Find More Freelance Writing Work

When you write a good article you need expert opinions and data to back up your topic. Where do you find all of these knowledgeable people? Good question! Here is a quick list of places I go when I need information for my articles: Profnet– I use this site the most. You type up a note about what type of person you need and Profnet sends it out to people that may be interested.  ExpertClick– You can find press releases, experts and news stories at this site. TravMedia– Do you write travel pieces? Then this is the site you need to join. NewsWise– […]

Where to Find Expert Quotes and Facts for Your Articles

Looking for a freelance writing job? Try these sites: Freelance Writing Job Boards About Freelance Writing (Freelance Job Board) Write Jobs (Freelance Job Board) Freelance Writing Gigs Online Writing Jobs Sun Oasis Absolute Write Networking and Sharing Leads Forum Absolute Write Paying Jobs Forum Places for Writers Writerfind Freelance Job Openings .com Twit Job Search Rat Race Rebellion (Be careful. There’s a lot of junk on this site.) Blue Badger  DoNanza (I really like this one.) Sites that Hire Writers and/or Pay For Articles Upfront Scripted Writers Access Yovia Skyword Demand Studios (They have better paying gigs now and better editors.) Freelance Switch workawsome […]

21 Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

Here is a roundup of places that pay you to write articles, tweets or blogs. Be sure to check this blog for reviews of these sites. Auction Bytes Blogsvertise BlogBurner Bloggerwave Blogitive B5media Blog To Profit BOTW Media Break Studios Bright Hub Creative Weblogging Constant-Content Consumer Search Content Mantra Daily Article Demand Studios DayTipper Experts 123 Essay Writers Internet Brands In Blog Ads Link Post Love to Know LoudLaunch PayPerPost Right Copy Writer Review Me Sponsored Tweets Sponsored Reviews Seed Star Reviews Strategy Page Smorty Shvoong Tech Media Network The Content Authority Words of Worth Weblogs Inc […]

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