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So, as I told in in my previous post, I applied to Ebyline. I presented them with links to published work, my resume and a load of other information about my professional writing history. Here is the email I received a few days later: Thank you for applying to Ebyline.  As part of our review process, we would like to confirm additional information about you. Did an Editor that you currently work with refer you to Ebyline? If so, please tell us their name and which publication they work for. If you were not invited to use Ebyline by an Ebyline Editor, please provide […]

Update to My Ebyline Application

An Interview with Pat Veretto, Former Guide to Frugal LivingBy Alina Bradford Photo by Rachel Grandinetti DM: What are your favorite buys at a thrift store? Pat: Clothing and kitchen paraphernalia are the two things I look for. I don’t buy many clothes, but when I find just the right style in just the right color, in the size and price that I want, it’s a real thrill. Retail shopping can’t hold a candle to thrift store shopping when it comes to variety! And kitchen things hold their own fascination. Who can resist a full set of 50’s style […]

How To Shop at Thrift Stores

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Ebyline lately, so I decided to investigate. Ebyline is a site that helps match writers with news publications. They claim to be a free service and only accept experienced writers. The process to apply was very simple, though each application has to reviewed and manually approved. This is the email I received after registering: Thank you for registering with Ebyline! We are currently reviewing your application and will respond shortly with a status update. What’s the next step? Once we approve your registration, you’ll need to complete the final step to be ready to work with […]

What is Ebyline?

9 comments is a website where writers can sign up to write essays for pay. What’s the catch? You have to do a test which consists of 10 grammar questions and an essay. Now, if you don’t know me, I’ll let you know right now that I’m against doing any type of work for free. Granted, I could see answering the grammar questions. There’s no way they can use those answers for profit. The essay, on the other hand, could be used whether or not you “pass” the test. this is a common scam used to get free content out of unsuspecting writers. Am […]

What is

Well, the event people have been predicting has finally happened. Demand Media Studios has all but halted the production of eHow articles. In an announcement made last week, DMS said that it will limit the amount of titles produced for the site for the foreseeable future. Titles are restricted to subjects that hasn’t already been covered by eHow. Hmmm, titles that hasn’t already been covered by eHow… Articles on lengthy, in-depth processes that are worth a lot more than $15-$25 a pop. I don’t see many writers spending their time writing for DMS any more. The lure of the fast buck is […]

DMS Slowing Down eHow Production