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I recently received an email by a reader. Her question is a common one, and one I’ve dealt with: What do you tell your sources when you are writing on-spec? Do you tell them you are writing for the publication? Here was my reply: The best way to go about this is to tell your source that you are working on-spec for XYZ Magazine and leave it at that. Most people don’t mind and those who might care usually don’t know what “on-spec” means.  If it turns out that your article isn’t accepted, simply tell your source that the article won’t be published with […]

How to Present Yourself to Sources When You’re Writing On-Spec

I know a lot of freelance writers are looking for gigs that are like Demand Media, but have a better editorial department and nicer reputation, while still paying upfront for articles. Remilon is a website that pays upfront for articles and has a great reputation. Here are a few facts about the company: Writers are paid by-the-hour  They specialize in education articles Currently, they have over 200 writers Remilon pays twice a month through PayPal They produce around 2,000 articles per month Pay is $8 per hour and up Freelance writers must do 15 hours of work per week A test […]

What is Remilon?

There’s been a lot of talk that Suite 101 has hit bottom and is never coming back. For a while I believed it, but I was still making some money there so I didn’t leave. It’s lucky that I didn’t. My money has bounced back and is almost back to pre-Panda levels. I’m pretty excited since that is a big bunch of moola. Here are my stats: Before Panda 2200 PVs per week Currently 2100 PVs per week My earnings have been going up by 10-50% each month By this time next month my earnings should be back to pre-Panda […]

Suite 101 Stats for September

Well, for all of you wondering, I finished my ebook with two weeks to spare. Since I have ghostwritten so many it was a piece of cake. Almost Free Art Supplies is now available to buy on Smashwords. (Watch for my tips on publishing with Smashwords in a future post.) Here’s how I’ve been marketing my ebook: Blog posts  An announcement on my art site’s homepage Twitter announcement Facebook announcement LinkedIn announcement Forums announcement (in a forum that allows these types of announcements) Articles on similar topics that link to the ebook  Guest blog posts (contact me if you would like me to do a guest blog) […]

Finished My Ebook

Lately I have been writing a lot for Demand Media Studios. Here’s why: They pay twice a week I can make $30 an hour or more The articles can be written using very little brain power I can do $100 worth of work in a few hours and spend the rest of the day working on my ebook, blogs or websites There have been rumors swirling, though, that DMS is having financial trouble and won’t be able to last much longer. So, after tapering off for a few weeks, I’m back to the client hunt so I can keep more eggs […]

How to Replace Demand Media Studios?

You’ve probably heard the old SEO tip that you should add photos to your articles because it will give the article more Google juice. The file name of the photo gives you an extra place to put a keyword and sometimes people search for images with certain names. I decided to check on the last part of that tip. How many people actually come to your site through an image search? According to my stats, out of 1,000 page views, only three of them came by image search. This information came to me via my art blog that almost only […]

How Important Are Photos to Search Results?

So, I’m still reading Angela England’s “30 Days to Make, Market and Sell a Fabulous Ebook” (affiliate link) and I have made it to day five. By this point, readers have come up with an ebook idea, brainstormed chapter ideas and have completed an outline of the ebook. Using Angela’s tips, I have all I need to start my ebook with a well though-out plan. I’m pretty impressed about how smoothly this is going so far. Usually a large project like this overwhelms me and I procrastinate, but the ebook is keeping me on-track.

Day 5 of 30 Days to Make, Market and Sell a Fabulous Ebook

I have been meaning to read Angela England’s “30 Days to Make, Market and Sell a Fabulous Ebook” (yep, it’s an affiliate link) for a while now. It’s an ebook and I don’t particularly like reading ebooks. After hours of staring at my laptop screen while doing my freelance writing for clients, the last thing thing I want to do is read a book.  It seems that the fates are smiling on me today, though, because I just received my new Kindle 3. On the first day of the month. Which coincides with Angel’s ebook format because it is divided into 30 day projects. Simpatico. So, since today is […]

30 Days to Make, Market and Sell a Fabulous Ebook: Day 1