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I hate promoting. Unfortunately, though, promotion gets readers and readers generate money in the residual income world. It’s a good thing, then, that I found a nifty tool that lets me promote my articles in less than three minutes on a wide range of social networking sites. The tool is called AddThis. It’s free and can be installed to your web browser’s toolbar so it is always easy to find. To use it you simply open up the article you want to share, click on the AddThis button on your toolbar and click on the social media site where you want to […]

How to Promote Your Articles in Less Than 3 Minutes

Now that Demand Studio’s available titles are down to almost 7,000, I thought I’d share with you a few tips that I use to keep my Work Desk full: Type keywords in the search box that relates to any type of knowledge you may have. For example, if you like to write about sports don’t type in the obvious keywords like baseball, football and soccer. Instead, type in kick, pitch, ball, cleats, etc.  Be willing to write about things you don’t know much about. The key to writing a good article without a lot of research is to choose titles that are relativity simple. I […]

How to Find Titles at Demand Studios

Sometimes Sites Stop Paying Residuals During the past 12 years of freelancing I’ve always had one mantra, “Never stop searching.” As a freelancer you never know when that lucrative project will end. You never know when a residual income site will shut down. You never know when Google will put the smackdown on your website. So, when you think that you have too much work, that is when you have just the right amount.You never know when one project will end so stock-up like you’re hording toilet paper for the apocalypse. 

Never Stop Searching for Freelance Work

You may have read my earlier post on the mass firings done at Demand Media a while back. Well, it looks like the reason for all of the firings is clear. I checked the queue for available assignments and it’s down to 13,000. (Note that this 13,000 includes all of the special sections I am cleared for.) This may sound like a lot, but probably 90% of those articles can’t be written by 99% of the population. With there being very little work, there isn’t a need for as many writers. The downsizing may be due to the fact that DM’s stocks are crashing. At last […]

Demand Media Tanking or Just Tapering Off? You Decide

After Panda, Suite 101 face-planted into the asphalt of the Google highway. Many of my writer friends there quit or just stopped writing. Some went on to create websites and blogs specifically aimed at roasting Suite. Me? I stayed. My reasons may not make sense to everyone, but I’ll share them anyway: I still make a decent chunk of change there. My earnings are steadily going up and are almost back to pre-Panda days. I am now what Suite calls a “Topic Editor.” I’m over two sections, Mixed Media Arts and Painting/Drawing. The position only pays $.5 an article, but I don’t really do any major […]

Why I Still Write for Suite 101

I stumbled upon a fantastic deal. On specially marked 5-pack boxes of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese there are coupons for a free box of Capri Sun. Since my kids love both items, we snatched up two 5-packs which gave us two coupons for Capri Sun. The two free boxes saved us around $4. These coupons can be peeled off and used during the same shopping trip, which I love.Head over to your local store and take advantage!

Get Free Capri Sun When You Buy Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

If you haven’t checked into your DMS account lately, maybe you should. From what I understand, Demand Media Studios just cut a huge number of writers from their system and put many of them on probation in the Writer Development Program. I myself hardly ever go into the forums because it’s usually a lot of complaining about copy editors. My account is fine, too, so I didn’t know there was anything wrong. Today I had heard a rumor, though, that something big was going down so I checked in. Writers are in a tizzy to say the least. From what I gather, […]

Demand Media Studios Cuts Writers