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Okay, I usually don’t overtly try to sell things to my readers, but I thought this would be useful to know: I design ebook covers for writers. So, if you need an eye-catching cover done, feel free to contact me. Here’s some examples of my ebook cover designs and prices. I can do original art for covers and provide original photography. I’ve also had clients that wanted me to incorporate their own photographs. I’ve been inspired to write my own ebook, but the problem is I want to write on so many different subjects! Have you written an ebook? How did you focus […]

Ebook Cover Design

A Picture I Took of Fireworks in Estes Park, CO One of my favorite holidays is coming up. 4th of July! Right now I have a full schedule since summer is one of my busiest times in my freelance writing business. Clients are rolling in with new projects and I’m making good money. So, do I work on the upcoming holiday, or do I double up on work the day before? I hate extra work. It makes me grumpy. So, I’m probably going to space out all of my projects so that I only have to do a little chunk of […]

Do You Work on a Holiday?

Back in my post a few days ago, I talked about tracking how readers get to your articles and blog posts. Well, in my search for the truth I found something amazing. On one of my most visited articles only 25 people found it using Google Search in an entire month. How did the other 8,000 people find my article? StumbleUpon and Facebook. In fact, my article had been stumbled around 400 times. Others are reporting similar trends. What does this mean to me? To you? It means social media is the new search engine. We need to stop fretting about SEO […]

Why Social Media is More Important Than Google Search

One of My Minion’s- Umm- Children, In My Office Time for the annual quandary: How do you run a successful freelance writing business while the kids are on summer break? Here are some things to try: Work after the kids are asleep. This also has the added bonus of my office/sun room being nice and cool. Sending the kids to vacation bible school. This is only for a few hours a day and only lasts for a week, but I’ll take what I can get! Ship them to family members every now and then. My girls have already been to […]

Writing, Summer and Kids

You’re Being Followed By Berkeley Robinson You know what I hate? When I’m researching a product to write about and Amazon saves my search history. Then, for weeks, I get emails trying to encourage me to buy similar products. No, I don’t want to buy a solar radio. No, I don’t want to buy a $300 generator that has a radio in it. It gets me to thinking though. What if writers could track what their readers are interested in and write articles based on that information? Well, we can. Take a look at your website or blog’s stat information. Did a reader come […]

The Woes of the Freelance Writer’s Search

Mean Writers Suck A while back a got a message from a reader informing me that I’m not a journalist. I’m sure many bloggers get messages like this since some journalists feel threatened by internet writing. Some say blogs and content sites are taking away their jobs. Others say the internet is lowering journalistic standards. Now, don’t think I have a vendetta against journalists. I went to J-school (what journalists call journalism school), actually. I was my college’s newspaper editor, as well as the editor of a college club’s newspaper. Just because I blog or write for the internet doesn’t […]

Judge Ye Not Journalist/Blogger/Writer