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Just discovered, They say they can get you “deals on top-rated  beauty products and services at 50-90% off.” So, I checked out the site. You simply enter your email address and zip code and the site will find deals in your area for spas, beauty treatments, products and more.Of course, like with the more famous, if you live far away from a big city, then you probably won’t get any deals for your area.If you want to save some major money on your face routine, try making your own products. I have done this many times and love it. For recipes […]

Save Money on Beauty Products

Try Before You Write? by Alina Bradford I often write for publications that assign me product reviews to write. Now, there’s no way that I can afford to test these products, and often, companies don’t give you samples without a lot of runaround…and then they still forget to send the samples. So, how do you write a balanced, fair review without the product? Very carefully, my friend. Here’s my process. First, if you are allowed, only pick products that you already have a familiarly with. For example, if you do photography as a hobby, you probably already have a pretty good idea […]

How to Write a Product Review Without the Products

Writing for Money by Alina Bradford I see new writers asking on forums all the time, “How can I make money as a writer?” Well, I’ve decided to answer that question here- and no, I’m not going to suggest writing for content mills or other obvious places like magazines or newspapers. Here we go: Write your own ebook about something that fascinates you and sell it on your blog or using a Kindle platform. Lots of writers are have a lot of luck with this. Write Tweets and Facebook posts. I wrote a bit about this on my Tweeting for Money post.  […]

10 Ways Writers Can Make Money

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Demand Studios and Panda by Alina Bradford Google had promised that Panda was for sites like eHow, yet the first wave seemed to completely miss Demand Media. This time though, it seems like eHow got hit like a man in the ring with George Foreman, according to many traffic tracking sites and web trend sites, like WebProNews and It Pro Portal. So, what does this mean? Well, Demand has been frantically restructuring their way of producing articles. Most articles now have to be written by “experts” and have lengthy references. Even though the standard have tightened, the pay has stayed about the same. My guess is […]

Demand Media Gets Hit By Panda…Finally

Suite 101 Stats As most of you probably know, Suite 101 took a hit when Google’s Mayday  came in spring of 2010. It took a huge hit when the US Panda algorithm ( Mayday and Panda are a change in the way Google ranks articles and websites in their search results) came out. It took another huge hit when Panda went worldwide. How bad was I hit? Well, here are the facts: I have 310 articles at Suite. My regular number of page views before Panda was around 19,000 per week. My page views are now around 9,000 views per week. My highest earning month […]

How’s My Suite’s Earnings?

I just wanted to make an update to my last post about cost cutting by shopping at Kroger grocery stores. Yesterday I went shopping and saved $25.50, bring my total down from $88.14 to $62.64.I did this without any coupons and without buying any clearance items. I simply used my customer rewards card and took advantage for their buy one, get one free sale on multivitamins. I got two multivitamins for me and two jars of gummy vitamins for my kids.On top of that, I earned 61 points toward my fuel savings (see previous post for details).See, you can save money without clipping coupons or searching for sales. ūüėČ

Kroger Savings Update: Get Free Vitamins

My Kroger grocery store just added a gas station a while back and I love it. Why? for every $1 I spend on groceries I get a gas savings point. When I accumulate 100 points I get 3 cents per gallon off my next fillup at the Kroger gas station if I use my Kroger Plus Shoppers Card. Besides that, Kroger doubles coupons and their website provides over $200 worth of printable coupons. Their website also tracks the savings that you got with your shopper card, keeps track of your fuel points, sends you coupons and sale items to your email […]

Save Money on Gas and More at Kroger

SEO residual income writing gives writers the chance to write about whatever they want and make money. In post-Panda times, many writers are wondering how to still earn with their articles and gain Google’s love. Well, I’ve trolled forums, listened to other writers and read news articles to come up with the key to what Google is looking for in articles. Here’s a process I’ve come up with to meet new Google guidelines. The crossed out lines are what people used to tell you to do to get Google points that aren’t true anymore. Come up with a list of topics you […]

SEO Residual Income Writing Post-Panda Tips

I’ve had Netflix for more than two years. I’ve been wondering if it’s cheaper to cancel the Netflix and just rent movies through Redbox or on Pay Per View (PPV) through Dish Network. Here’s my math: We usually get two movies a month through Netflix because we’re bad about mailing them back. A Redbox movie costs $1 per rental. That would be $2 per month verses the $10.81 we are paying per month using Netflix. Obviously a better choice. Pay Per View costs $4.99 per movie, or $9.98 for two. That’s cheaper than Netflix, plus PPV has a much more current movie selection than […]

Does Netflix Really Save You Money on Movies?

Flower girl dresses bought for $15 on Ebay Ebay has become the bargain mall to the world. You can find really great deals for name brand children’s clothing at half the price. It is important to know what to look for them, though. As a seasoned Ebay shopper, I have the best ways to snag a great deal. Type in terms in the search box that narrows your search. For example, decide what designers you want to buy, such as Old Navy or Wrangler. This will make narrowing the field easier. If you don’t have a designer in mind, don’t […]

How to Buy Children’s Clothes on Ebay

Tiffany, Extreme Couponing, TLC So I watched TLC’s Extreme Couponing last night with a pen and notebook so that I could share all of the great tips from the show. Here are the best: Tip from Tiffany, left, who got $1101 worth of groceries for $49.92: Always call ahead to make sure that the store’s coupon policies haven’t changes since your last visit. This can save you a lot of money and aggravation. Couponing tip from Rebecca, who paid $25.91 for $562.81 worth of groceries: Use coupon databases online that will automatically match your coupons to sales at grocery stores. This saves a […]

Some Coupon Tips From TLC’s Extreme Couponing

I’m often asked how to get coupons without spending money on the Sunday paper every week. Well, a good way is to join the P&G Everyday Solutions club. Every few weeks you will get a envelope in the mail full of Proctor & Gamble coupons for items like Tide and Charmin.  They will also send you emails telling when the huge P&G packet of coupons will be in your Sunday paper, so you know which weeks are a must and which ones you can skip. These coupon packets usually are worth over $100.Also, when you join you can sign up for […]

Save Money with P&G Everyday Solutions

Every now and then I will get a Family Dollar sales paper in my mail box. Usually, I throw it away without a glance. Family Dollar just has cheap junk, right? Well, that’s what I thought at least.My daughter’s karate class is next door to a Family Dollar, so one day I decided to check it out when I was in desperate need of a way to tame my daughter’s crazy mane before class.Boy, was I surprised! I got a hair brush and hair goodies for my daughter, plus a bunch of other stuff.  Family Dollar Outfit From then on […]

Family Dollar Coupons

I just have to brag on this steal I got at JCPenny. I was on the hunt for a cute dress for my daughter to wear to my husband’s military graduation. I found this dress¬†on the¬†clearance¬†rack. It¬†was originally marked $49.99¬†but I got it for $9.97 before taxes. That’s a savings of $40.02! See, you can get really cute, in-season clothes on the¬†clearance¬†rack. I found this one within five or ten minutes. If you want these kinds of savings, good news!¬†¬†is having a customer¬†appreciation¬†sale with 30%-70% off their regular prices. Also, shipping is free on orders over $65 or more when […]

JCPenny Clearance Steal

Currently, I’m building a new blog as part of my new campaign to build income that only I control. Unlike all my other blogs, I actually did research before I started. Here’s my process: My first step was to research keywords related to my blog’s subject. I did this using Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool. I looked at the keyword’s competition, estimated CPC (cost per click) and how often the keyword is searched per month. This gives me an idea of what my readers will be looking for and how much I may make. I brainstormed for a name that is clever, memorable […]

Researching and Building a New Blog

I’m kind-of excited. TLC’s new show is called Extreme Couponing and it shows the secrets of women who get groceries for free or¬†extremely¬†cheap thanks to coupons that they clip from¬†Sunday¬†newspapers and print from websites. Apparently, one of the women featured in the show gets paid $2 an item for some sale items that she got with coupons. Umm, wow. I’m good, but I’ve never been paid to carry items out of a store. I used to a part of a¬†couponing¬†club¬†and the leader of the club was able to save at least half of her bill every week. You can read […]

Extreme Coupoing on TLC