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Original Art By Alina Bradford If you have children, like I do, keeping your kids happy while you are writing, and still getting work done, can be a hassle. Here are some tips to make life a little easier. Make a Mini-Office Make a special area for your kids beside your work area. Fill it with toys, coloring books, crayons, and other things that your child likes and encourage him to play while you work. Give Them “Work” Let your child “work” too. Give your child a small pad of paper and a pencil, then let her go wild. Even […]

The Top Five Ways to Work at Home With Small Children

Photo by D. Sharon Pruitt Making money online with freelance writing is a the new dream of many stay-at-home-moms and people who want to work at home. Some go into the whole thing with way too much gusto, or not enough. There are five major tips for making it work. Don’t Drive Your Friends Crazy It is a great idea to use social networking sites to make contacts with people in your target market. Don’t use these sites to send an endless stream of ads to friends and family, though. It’s tacky and could even drive away potential customers. Get […]

The Top Five Tips on How to Make Money Online With Freelance Writing