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Since most residual income sites got hit hard by the Google Panda update and more and more publications are paying next to nothing for articles, I decided to make my number one client myself. Here are some of the ways I’m planning on doing it: Writing regular content for my current blogs Building a new blog on a topic that is lucrative and I’m crazy about (coming soon) Writing a few ebooks to sell on my blogs, Amazon, Kindle, etc. Building the content on my website Defrazzle Got any more ideas? Let me know!

How to Make Money Writing for Yourself?

Trade Magazines for Soldiers I was over at my favorite writer’s forum, Absolute Write, and came across a writer that needed advice on getting into trade publication writing. Since I often write for various trade magazines I decided to give him some advice… and then I decided to post my advice for my readers, here, too. First, what is a trade magazine? It’s a publication that is specifically written and distributed to a certain profession. For example, soldiers in the National Guard read Foundations, which is a magazine that has articles that are written just for soldiers and their families. […]

How to Write for Trade Magazines

A while back I wrote a post on the relatively new revenue share site List My 5. At first I was doing really well. I was doing so well with earnings, in fact, that I decided to make it one of my New Year’s resolutions to put a lot of effort into this site so that I can see maximum earnings. Well, that all changed when Google’s Panda update crashed most residual earning site’s mojo. Yep, List My 5 was definitely hit hard, at least, my lists were. Others are reporting a severe drop in earnings at the site, too. […]

List My 5 Update

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She May Be Ready for the Trip, But Are You? I take my children with me on most research trips for my articles. Taking your child on a business trip may sound fun, but it can be a hassle if you don’t have a plan. First, you need to decide what you will do with your child while you are at meetings. If they are not old enough to stay at the hotel alone you will need to have some way to know they will be watched by a trusted adult. This may mean bringing your spouse or finding a […]

How to Take Children on Business Trips

Original Art By Alina Bradford If you have children, like I do, keeping your kids happy while you are writing, and still getting work done, can be a hassle. Here are some tips to make life a little easier. Make a Mini-Office Make a special area for your kids beside your work area. Fill it with toys, coloring books, crayons, and other things that your child likes and encourage him to play while you work. Give Them “Work” Let your child “work” too. Give your child a small pad of paper and a pencil, then let her go wild. Even […]

The Top Five Ways to Work at Home With Small Children

Photo by D. Sharon Pruitt Making money online with freelance writing is a the new dream of many stay-at-home-moms and people who want to work at home. Some go into the whole thing with way too much gusto, or not enough. There are five major tips for making it work. Don’t Drive Your Friends Crazy It is a great idea to use social networking sites to make contacts with people in your target market. Don’t use these sites to send an endless stream of ads to friends and family, though. It’s tacky and could even drive away potential customers. Get […]

The Top Five Tips on How to Make Money Online With Freelance Writing

You’ve poured your heart into a manuscript that you love. Now all you want is for it to be published. Before you start your search for a publisher, though, you should know that there are “publishing companies” out there looking to scam you. These companies often appear promising, but the truth is that these places simply want to take your money. Tread the water with caution and take heed of the warnings here. You’ll be able to keep your manuscript safe and in the right hands with a bit of forward thinking.  Read about publishers that can scam you. Subscribe […]

How to Steer Clear of Book Publishing Scams

Note to Readers: Now, I know that most writers know all about copyright and such, but I thought I’d write down and post this information for those that are building a website and are confused about adding other people’s content to their site. A website needs a lot of content to be useful to readers. Sometimes website owner may come across a well-written article in a magazine, newsletter or some type of free content and think, “I wish the readers of my website could read this!” Well, it might be a possibility. Getting permission from publishers to reprint content online […]

How to Get Permission from Publishers to Reprint Content Online

If you used to be a writer for eHow’s WCP (Writer’s Compensation Program) you may want to check your articles. eHow is going through a site-wide sweep, deleting articles right and left. Recently, I had 20 articles deleted. There was no email to tell me that the articles were deleted and many writers on the eHow forum are reporting the same. Apparently, articles are being deleted because they have similar titles to articles that Demand Studios owns. At least, that’s what writers are saying over at the forums. I tend to agree, because none of my articles fit the criteria […]

eHow WCP Alert

Charlie Sheen in Better Times, 2009 Creative Commons I have to admit, I’m a popcorn munching watcher of the train wreck which is becoming Charlie Sheen. Throughout his rants, though, is one message that I love: Winning. Duh. A lot of writers right now feel like they are loosing after the changes Google has been making. So, in Charlie Sheen style… Quick! Think of three things you like about your writing career. Don’t feel like you’re winning yet? Then try these tips for overcoming Googlepocalypse: Google love niche sites, so start writing for them. Create your own site or blog […]

Winning. Duh.: How Writers Can Win After the Google Change