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Well, yesterday I talked about how Google’s new algorithm has slammed Suite 101 from first page result to dozens of pages back. Well, the change has very harshly affected my page views over at Suite. This time last month I was getting around 2,500 page views a day at Suite. Yesterday I got 873. On the other hand, my eHow articles that I posted years ago are doing better than ever. Other former eHow writers report that their page views are doing the same or better than before the Google algorithm change. Other reports confirm that eHow has benefited from […]

How My Articles Have Been Affected by Google Change

Drawing by MagicMarie Google has made changes to their algorithm that lowers the ranking of Suite 101 and raise the ranking of eHow. According to Sistrix, Suite basically lost 94%  of its rank. According to some research done by some of my fellow writers, Suite articles that used to be on first page results have now dropped out of site and have been replaced by eHow articles and scraper articles. After all the talk about Google targeting eHow for its low quality, these results are puzzling. What’s going on here? Have some ideas? Share them in the comments.

Google Changes the Way it Searches and Slams Suite 101

In this post about tweeting for money I talked about three sites that offer you paid opportunities to tweet. Here are some updates on how I’m doing. The first one I joined is called Sponsored Tweets. I have made payout ($50) twice now and a little bit more. The process takes me about two or three minutes each time, so it kinda feels like I’m making free money.  The second tweeting for money site I joined was Magpie. I think I ended up making 11 cents. I couldn’t figure out why my account never showed the amount it should have […]

Update on Tweeting for Money

There are two conditions that can keep me from writing anything: the flu and large amounts of stress. Now, most freelance writing veterans will tell you to muscle through and write no matter what. I believe that sometimes you need to stop and learn your limits. I used to be part of the man-up-and-do-your-job tribe. That was until I wrote an article while I had the flu. I was on a deadline and my article needed to be turned in within the next few days. So, I pumped myself full of flu medicine and wrote my little heart out. I […]

Writing When You’re at Your Worst

It’s tax time in writer’s land. For many that means paying taxes on your writing business. You probably already know that you can use office supplies as deductions on your taxes, but there are a lot of other things you can use, too. Here are some ideas: Magazine subscriptions that are used for research that pertains to your writing The space that you use as your office Internet fees PayPal fees Fees for Elance or other job sites Books used as research or learning tools for your writing Camera and accessories if you take your own pictures for articles Shipping […]

Writer Tax Write-Offs You May Not Have Considered

Well, January turned out to be a great month for my freelance writing business. I made just $40 shy of $2000. This is great considering I did less than 20 hours of work in January. I’m proving just a little more every day that you don’t have to work insane hours to make cash freelance writing. Of course this doesn’t account for time that I used for job searching and marketing, but that only figures out to an extra five to ten hours a month. So, in total, I worked around 30 hours this month. That adds up to around […]

January 2011 Freelance Writing Earnings Update

If you’ve been a freelance writer for more than a few minutes you’ve probably heard of the feast or famine theory. Basically, when you freelance work will come in ebbs and typhoons. Sometimes you will have so little work that you will curse the day you ever quit your job and became a full-time freelance writer. Other times you will get so much work you will curse the day you ever quit your job and became a full-time freelance writer. Hey, you’ve got to love this job to stick to it. So how do you make it through the slow […]

The Feast and Famine of Freelance Work and How to Make it Work For You

Figuring out which keywords will make the most money for residual income articles is difficult. The best way I’ve found to test out ideas is to use a site that caters to short articles. I used to use eHow for this, but now that their writing program has shut down I’ve moved on to using List My 5.  My earnings there have been comparable, plus the site is laid out a lot like the old eHow. These articles take about 10 minutes to write, tops, so they are quick. Very little effort to see which of my ideas are hits […]

So Which Keywords Will Work For Your Residual Income Articles?

I recently got an urgent sounding email from a writer named Steven. He read my post about How to Make Google AdWords Work for Your Writing Niche and said he was confused about my advice to put a SEO keyword six times in a 400-500 word article. Well, I figured other people may be confused, too, so here is a simple method for adding keywords without spammy side affects. Use your SEO keyword in the title  Add it to the first line of your article Work it into two of your sub headings Always use your keyword once in your […]

How to Add Keywords to Articles without Looking Spammy

Ever wonder how contents sites stack up against each other? Kimberly White has figured it all out and has put it in graph form over at The data is for 2010, so it’s current. Click on the link, above, for the facts, but it looks like Associated Content, and Suite 101 top the ranks. This is just the information I’ve been looking for. I’m grateful Kimberly took the time to sort it all out.

Comparison of Content Sites in Handy Graph Form

Well, this is a sad month for former eHow writers. Demand Studio Media is closing down the forums and switching to Facebook for logging in. For many that participated in eHow’s forums over the past few years this announcement is really depressing. It is also angering many, since Facebook is known for its many security problems. This article over at WebProNews sums the situation up pretty well: Demand Media’s eHow Faces User Backlash Over Facebook Log-in | WebProNews.  On the forums there is speculation that this is due to Demand Media’s IPO. We’ll have to wait and see how the […]

Demand Media’s eHow Facebook Log-in and Death of the Forums

As a writer with social anxiety I know how hard it is to send queries, do interviews and communicate with clients. Some times the stress is unbearable. There are some tricks that I use to get the job done, though. Do email interviews. This way you’re communicating indirectly, taking the pressure off. Likewise, communicate with clients through email as much as possible. I rarely find a client that just has to talk to me on the phone or in person. If a client tries to insist on a phone call say, “It’s my policy to do email communication so that […]

Tips for Writers with Social Anxiety