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Prove You’re Not Just a Clowning Around I was over at the Suite 101 forums and one young writer was asking how do you make your family respect your choice to write. Well, my answer was pretty simple. I’ve found that success is the best way to make family and friends respect me. When I started being able to take free press trips to luxury hotels and such, my family acted like I was a superstar. When I started making $50 an hour they treated my writing time very reverently. So, you’re probably saying, “Okay, this doesn’t help me at […]

How Do You Get Respect From Family and Friends? Write, My Friend, Write

So, last week I was over at Demand Studios website wading through the overwhelming pile of crap titles because work’s a little slow this month. I lucked out and filled my queue with articles on art. My favorite subject. Days past and the titles lingered. One by one I set them free, back into the green and murky pool of the title list. In the end I didn’t write a single article for Demand. Why? Because Demand Studio scares me. There. I said it. The very thought of having to deal with the copy editors gives me hives. Sure, most […]

Demand Studios Scares Me

Suite 101 has started sending out reports every month on how much your articles earn. From these reports I’ve learned: One article can earn you over 19% of your overall earnings Sometimes your best earning articles are ones with a long tail keywords Older articles (I mean years old) tend to earn me the most money An article doesn’t have to get a lot of page views to make a lot of money A large amount of articles may not earn you anything one month, but that can change in a few weeks Seasonal articles can make you a lot […]

Article Earnings at Suite 101: What I’ve Learned

When I read advice given to new freelance writers I often find one major thing overlooked: how to get paid. My best piece of advice for new freelance writers is to sign up for a PayPal business account and debit card. 99% of the businesses that you will come in contact with will want to pay you either by check or by PayPal.  It used to be that all of my clients paid my by check, but that was more than five years ago. These days, only one of my many clients pays me by check. If you ask other […]

My Number One Tip for New Freelance Writers

An Example of How I Organize My Freelance Writing Assignments Once you get several freelance writing assignments it may be hard to juggle them all. Here is how I keep track of all of my assignments, how much I’m making from the assignment and my due dates. On a legal-sized sheet of paper I write the total I will make this month at the top of the page.  I write the names of all of my assignments as headings with plenty of room for writing in-between each one. Beside each heading, I write down how much I will make from […]

How to Organize Your Freelance Writing Assignments

Okay, you’ve seen the places I look for freelance writing jobs and you’ve seen how I weed out the best paying jobs. Now I’m going to show you how I apply for the freelance jobs quickly. The secret is that I use templates that I customize to each opening. For example, one of my niches is fitness and healthy eating. So, I wrote a cover letter that goes over all of my expertise in this area. When I apply for jobs in this niche, I just tweak the cover letter a bit and copy and paste it into an email. […]

How to Apply for Freelance Writing Jobs Quickly

Freelance Writing Job Ads on Writerfind When I need a new freelance gig I usually find one in a few days time. Is it because I have really low standards? No. Is it because I have super amazing credentials? Nope. I get great new gigs quickly because I’ve gotten job hunting down to a science. Yesterday I posted my list of job hunting sites. Today, I’m going to show you how I weed through them quickly everyday to find the real gems. First I scan job lists for keywords that target my niches.  I only click on ads with titles […]

How to Quickly Weed Through Freelance Writing Job Ads

Have you noticed a negative amount in your account balance at Demand Media? Many writers are. Why? Now Demand Media Studios is charging writers if their revenue share articles don’t make enough. This is a statement made by Josh the Comunity Moderator over at DMS (the bolding is mine): “During January of each calendar year, and provided that your account has been in existence and in good standing for at least the prior six (6) months, Demand Studios will automatically distribute any earnings reflected in your account at the end of the prior calendar year that are more than $1 […]

Demand Media Studios Now Charges for Revenue Share

Since I’m looking for freelance work again, I thought I’d share some of the freelance job sites where I look for freelance jobs at. They are tied and true and full of great job leads.The best part is that I’ve weeded out sites that list mainly location specific jobs. It’s all freelance, all the way. About Freelance Writing Write Jobs Freelance Writing Gigs Online Writing Jobs Sun Oasis Absolute Write Networking and Sharing Leads Forum Absolute Write Paying Jobs Forum Places for Writers Writerfind Freelance Job Openings .com Twit Job Search Rat Race Rebellion (Be careful. There’s a lot of […]

Links to Freelance Writing Job Sites and Leads