Daily Archives: December 11, 2010

One of My Websites Yah, so most residual income sites like Suite 101, Hubpages and Buskia have a bad reputation with some “professional” writers. Personally I don’t, but some of the arguments against them have gotten me thinking. The most compelling argument, to me at least, is that they won’t be around forever, then what? Okay, point taken. So how do you enjoy the wonderment of residual income without using a residual income site? Make your own. There are two choices for controlling your own residual income- privately owned blogs and websites. I’ve had many of my own websites and […]

How to Make Residual Income Without Residual Income Sites

If you are a full-time mom, constantly on the go, sometimes it’s hard to get freelance work done. I get plenty of work done each day, though, no matter where I am. My Droid and My Laptop Boosting My Productivity My strategy is to have a mobile office that I can slip into my purse. My office computer is a laptop that I can use at Wi-Fi hotspots for free. It’s slim enough that I can carry it anywhere if I need to, but most of the time I just use my Droid cell phone (with a buit-in keyboard), which […]

Freelance Writing While You’re Away from the Office