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If you are looking for some upfront freelance gigs that pays a decent per-hour rate, then you may want to apply at Here is what their website says about pay: “Our compensation is based on how many projects you take. A normal copywriter can earn up to $20.00 – $25.00 per hour by taking basic writing projects. We have 10 levels of writers in our system, where Level 10 copywriters can earn as much as $0.30 cents per word based on experience and time spent copywriting for us.” Not bad considering that many sites like this one pay $3-$15 […] is Hiring

So awhile back I wrote about my 2011 freelance writing goals. The good (and maybe bad) thing about making your goals so early is that you can rethink them over and over again.While I still like the goals I made back in November, I think I need to add a few more. I’ve realized that a big money maker ($40-$100 per hour) will be coming to a close in 2011. This means I have to go into freelance job finding mode. In years past I’ve had no problem finding great freelance writing jobs. This coming year I’m making the job […]

Thinking About 2011 Goals…Again

The AdSense Link I Overlooked Okay, so I’m not that great on keeping up with new Google Ad gadgets. So, when I noticed that I could add Google ads to my blog email and smart phone feeds I was probably several months late on the discovery. Boy I’m glad I finally figured it out! The new ads have boosted my earnings by around 30%. Imagine my surprise when I looked at my AdSense account today. Wahoo! Have you ever stumbled upon something that ended up making you a some cash?

How I Boosted My Blog Earnings in December

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I’ve always carry several different types of business cards with me wherever I go. Why so many? Some are for my art writing. Some are for my illustration business. Some are just general cards for my freelance writing business. Having so many different types of cards are expensive. That’s why I wrote this article: The Top Five Ways to Get Inexpensive Business Cards It lists my favorite ways to get business cards inexpensively. I just recently got some cards from I love how stylish the cards look. I highly recommend them.

Inexpensive Business Cards for Freelancing

One of My Websites Yah, so most residual income sites like Suite 101, Hubpages and Buskia have a bad reputation with some “professional” writers. Personally I don’t, but some of the arguments against them have gotten me thinking. The most compelling argument, to me at least, is that they won’t be around forever, then what? Okay, point taken. So how do you enjoy the wonderment of residual income without using a residual income site? Make your own. There are two choices for controlling your own residual income- privately owned blogs and websites. I’ve had many of my own websites and […]

How to Make Residual Income Without Residual Income Sites

If you are a full-time mom, constantly on the go, sometimes it’s hard to get freelance work done. I get plenty of work done each day, though, no matter where I am. My Droid and My Laptop Boosting My Productivity My strategy is to have a mobile office that I can slip into my purse. My office computer is a laptop that I can use at Wi-Fi hotspots for free. It’s slim enough that I can carry it anywhere if I need to, but most of the time I just use my Droid cell phone (with a buit-in keyboard), which […]

Freelance Writing While You’re Away from the Office

© Cartoon by Alina Bradford When you work as a freelance writer you’re going to have times when there’s more work than you can handle, and other times when you have nothing to do. Even if there’s no client work, you can still find plenty to do to earn money for the day. Write a post for your personal blog Come up with an article pitch for a print magazine Write for a mill like Demand Media Studios or Break Studios Write a residual income article for sites like Suite 101 or Like My 5 Bid on some work at […]

Lack of Freelance Work: What to Do When You Have Nothing to Do