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Don’t Let Google Advertising Confuse You I don’t know how many times I’ve read forum posts by web writers complaining that their niche is has horrible Google AdWords rates and that they’ll never make any money from residual sites. Bah! There is a science to turning any niche into a money maker. Here are my key SEO tips: Brainstorm keywords that relate to your niche. Take one of your keywords and plug it into Google AdWords’ keyword tool. Click on the button that says “Columns.” Click on the Estimated Avg. CPC option in the box that pops up and click […]

How to Make Google AdWords Work for Your Writing Niche

My Desk When it’s Clean My Art Desk When it’s Clean It’s inevitable. After a week my desk is a pile of sketchbooks, drawings done by my two children, notebooks and mail. My desk gets so messy that I have to wedge my arms between the piles to type. And every week I tackle my messy desk and return it back to a manageable state. Here’s my process: Throw away all but the very best kid drawings. Post the best kid drawings on the side of my filing cabinet with magnets. No space goes unused in my office! Take the […]

Tackling the Messy Desk of a Mommy / Freelance Writer

So, yesterday I compared my eHow revenue share earnings versus what I would have made by just selling the articles to Demand Studios. Well, I decided to try the same kind of experiment with my Suite 101 articles. I have made well over $7,000 by placing my articles at Suite. If I had sold them to DS I would have only made $4425. That’s a HUGE difference. Plus, I will keep earning on my Suite articles and I still own the copyrights to the articles. I’ve been having some doubts about sticking with Suite 101 lately, but  experiment shows me […]

Suite 101 Revenue Share VS. Demand Studios Flat Fee Payments

Revenue Share Makes Me Dance! I was just over at Felicia A. Williams’ No Job for Mom! blog and on one of her newest posts she wrote about taking leaps of faith when it comes to creating residual income. Her post spurred me to see just how much success I was having doing residual income vs. regular up-front payment. This type of test needs apple to apple comparisons, so I took a look at my eHow earnings vs. what I might have earned if I’d wrote the same article for Demand Studios. Let’s be honest, you can’t really compare these […]

Proof that Residual Income Pays Off

So it’s that time of year again. Time to come up with my freelancing goals for next year. Usually I put it off until, like, January 20th or so, but this year I’m firm on getting them out of the way before the New Year’s. It’s one of my goals for 2010. Freelancing Goals for 2011 List: Add 3 new posts to each of my blogs every week Add 30 articles to my website Start a new website with a Military Wife I plan on working to get $200 more per month from Suite 101 in 2011 Hitting the […]

Freelancing Goals for 2011

I read a post on another blog the other day declaring that a freelance writer should never write articles for a residual income site. The major reasoning here was that you can’t predict how much you will earn and that you may not earn enough to justify the work. Well, as a seasoned residual income writer I’d have to say just the opposite. I think every freelance writer should have at least one residual income account. Here are my reasons: An Article Depository With a residual income site you’ll always have somewhere to put articles that you can’t find a […]

Residual Income: Does it Really Work?

I’ve heard a lot of good things about List My 5 residual income site from other writers, so I decided to give it a try. This site focuses on articles that are in list form, like “Top 5 Best 2010 Movies.” As you may have guessed, each article has to have five things in the list. Here are some more specifics about the site: There is a 125 word count minimum to each article.  The site doesn’t glitch like most residual income sites. You can add links to other residual income articles, even if they are on other sites. They […]

List My 5 Residual Income Site Review

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Cook Source Magazine is still trying to get away with plagiarizing articles. It has switched to a new Facebook page, hoping that advertisers and new readers won’t see all of the bad publicity on the old page. It still denies that it has really done anything wrong, even though writers all over the web have uncovered numerous plagiarized articles. Here is the new Cook Source Magazine Facebook page if you would like to leave a comment. ETA Another Update: Cooks Source has finally apologized, but in a way that once again blames it all on the writer. Apparently the writer […]

Cooks Source Magazine Update

If you read this blog with any regularity you’ll know that I take a lot of vacations (see: How to Use Vacations to Make You a Wealthier Freelance Writer). This year my family and I have taken a vacation once every other month or so . Ah, the freelancing life. Now, I’m not gloating. My point is if you’re going to be a freelancer, make sure that you take advantage of one of the major perks: making your own hours. I’m not able to take a vacation every other month because I don’t work or because I make lots of […]

$100 Days for November…Then Another Vacation

I often post reviews of publishers for my freelance writer friends reading this blog, so it may not come as a surprise to you that I have to pipe up about Cooks Source Magazine. This magazine regularly steals content from other websites and publishes in its online or print editions. According to one freelance writer, Cooks Source Magazine ripped off her article, and then when she complained about it the editor told her that the magazine should be paid for editing the article. DO WHAT? That’s some steel balls right there. If you visit the Cooks Source Magazine Facebook page […]

Stay Clear of Cooks Source Magazine