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You may have read that freelance writers should set up certain working hours just like a brick-and-mortar business. Easier said than done, right? Well, I’ve found an easy way to keep myself from answering work emails and doing the work the emails demand when it’s my personal time. I’ve set up my email inbox to filter messages from clients so that they automatically go into a “Current Jobs” folder. I don’t see the emails unless I click on the folder and I only click on the folder during my regular business hours. Works like a charm! I can check my […]

How to Save Your Personal Time Using Email Filters

Well, I took another vacation last week. I seem to be taking vacations every couple of months now. It’s one of the biggest benefits of being a freelance writer, at least to me. You may be surprised to learn that I often take my vacation time and use it to get wealthier while I relax and travel. How do I relax and make money at the same time? Simple. I pay attention. For example, on a recent trip to Oklahoma City I noticed that there was an art show being held. Since I write art related articles, I just had […]

How to Use Vacations to Make You a Wealthier Freelance Writer

I just got this press release and I thought you all may like to read it, too. Sounds like fun! Here it is: SEATTLE, WA. October 1, 2010 – Wanderlust and Lipstick, the ultimate resource for women travelers, announces the third annual WanderWomen Write Contest for female travel writers. Participants may enter their original travel stories for a chance to win a spectacular 10-day tour for two through South Vietnam and Cambodia with Buffalo Tours. The contest is open to women, whether they are newly-emerging or seasoned travel writers. Wanderlust and Lipstick founder, Beth Whitman, says, “The WanderWomen Write contest […]

WanderWomen Write Contest: Win a 10-day Tour of Vietnam & Cambodia

Finally! A freelance job that pays more than $15 per article! In a nutshell, wants computer how-to articles aimed at a beginner audience. Here’s the pay rate according to the site: 400 word article with screenshots= $45.00 or without $35.00 screenshots 800 word article with screenshots= $55.00 or $45.00 without screenshots 1200-1500 word article with screenshots= $65.00 or $55.00 without screenshots  The downside is that they buy all rights. They are open to negotiation, though. This would be a great site to build some tech writing clips with. It’s a lot better than going with a site or magazine […]

Freelance Jobs: What is

I recently got an email from Sheena, an administrator of the Antiques Republic, that included writer’s guidelines. I don’t write about antiques, but I thought I’d share and excerpt of the letter for any of you guy that do. BTW, the I bolded areas for clarity. “What do you get in submitting your articles? •Your articles will be posted at our Ask the Expert section giving you a more reputable status. (To view an example, check out •Links to your websites or your profile will be displayed on every article pages you have for FREE. •Generate more traffic for […]

Freelance Jobs: What is Antiques Republic?

I was reading over at the Suite 101 forums that is looking for a few good writers. This freelancing site needs people who write on sustainability, innovation, social change and green technology. Many of the articles are in the how-to or top 10 list format.They pay with 60% of the ad revenue share and bonuses for popular pieces. The site doesn’t say what rights they want, so be careful if you choose to give them a try. For more information see their Write for Us Page.

Freelance Job: What is