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It’s inevitable. Eventually you will screw up on a freelance job. You’ll forget to spell check an article that you had to write last minute. You’ll mess up the links your client needed embedded in a review. You miss a grammatical error on the second page. Sh*t happens. What you do afterward is the important part. Here’s the steps you should follow when this happens: Suck it up. Yah, you screwed up. Don’t pout. Fix the mistake ASAP. Apologize for your mistake. Don’t promise it won’t ever happen again. Hey, you’re human. Make a checklist of things to double-check before […]

When You Screw Up on a Freelance Job

I was just over reading Felicia A. Williams’ blog and her post about a scathing email she received from a reader. In the email the lady berated her for ever working at Demand Studios. Apparently this lady believes that working for DS and other sites drives down the rate for more “professional writers.” I’ve gotten emails like this and have heard this complaint far and wide by “journalists.” I’m not buying it. That’s like saying if you work for McDonald’s you’re driving down the earnings of a fancy restaurant down the street. Umm. No. McDonald’s serves to a different clientele […]

Why Content Writing Isn’t Stealing Pay from “Journalists”

FYI: I recently got an email from the owner of touting it as a great freelance job. Here’s what the email had to say: The site has a similar pay model to Suite101. So basically the site is a revenue share model. The article format is similar to eHow but with a supposedly stronger focus on quality. I checked out the site and it looks very rough. It’s not the clean-cut  style of Suite 101 or eHow. If you give it a try, let me know how you like it.

Freelance Jobs: What is Libeti?

A Photo From My Trip to Colorado August was a pretty good month for earnings considering I went on vacation and missed working half the month. I probably didn’t work more than 15-20 hours. That’s why I love residual earning from articles. They keep earning even when I’m living it up in another state. Here’s my break-down: Demand Media $15.00 Suite $195.74 Guru Client $225.00 Demand Media $45.00 MyLikes $2.79 Demand Media $45 eHow $89.42 Private Client $725 Total: $1,342.95 As you can see, I wrote a bunch of quick little articles for Demand when I had time for […]

Summary of Earnings for August

I was over at freelance writer Jennifer Mattern’s blog and she was talking about how her internet will be out for several days. What would you do without internet and you had a big freelance project that needed to be done? This has happened to me a few times. I either go low-tech, doing my research at the local library or I go to McDonalds, order a parfait for me and the kids, then let the kids go crazy in the indoor playground. They get a healthy snack, social interaction and some exercise and I get to work for an […]

What’s Your Internet Back-up Plan?

I have social anxiety. I’ve had it in one incarnation or another since my early twenties and I’m not sure what triggered it. The anxiety attacks usually pop up when I’m doing something new alone or when there is a lot of pressure for me to preform. You can understand why freelance writing became the perfect choice of career for me. If a anxiety attack pops up it is in the privacy of my own home. There’s also the comfort of being in a controlled environment. Sounds like I’ve got it all figured out, huh? Not so much. See, sometimes […]

Writing with Social Anxiety

Today is the first day of school for my kids and boy am I relieved! I’ve gotten so much done today and it’s only 10 a.m. In fact, I’ve already almost finished with my work for today. Over the summer I barely had time to breath, let alone make money. There was vacations, Army prep for my husband, multiple trips to the DFW airport (which is 2 hours away), karate lessons for the kids… Here’s my schedule now: 6:30 a.m.- Wake up 7ish- Take the kids to school 7:30 a.m.- Exercise 8 a.m.- Get ready for the day 9 a.m.- […]

Ahh…School Time Eases a Writer’s Schedule

With the competitiveness of web writing, a writer needs to really stick out from the pack. This is where a platform comes in handy. What is a platform? Well, it’s your branding, your signature style, your niche. When people say, “Gee, I need a XYZ writer,” the XYZ is the writer’s platform. It’s their specialty. This is created by selling yourself with a certain label. This is going from writing about everything to something very specific. Wait, doesn’t limiting yourself give you less job opportunities? Well, yes, but you also make more money. For example, I used to sell myself as a […]

What is a Writer’s Platform?

Okay, I’ve heard for a long time that I should be making all of my writing work together for the maximum profit. I never really got what all of those writers meant until now. Here’s what I’ve learned: Write articles for clients that pay well Use that research to write articles (on a different slant, of course) for residual income sites like Suite 101(the best in my opinion)  Write blogs on subjects that complement the articles and link to the articles to increase the article’s traffic Write blogs that complement the subject of the previous blogs to raise the traffic of the blog […]

Light Bulb Moment- Making All of My Writing Work Together