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I know there are professionals who tweet for money, but I just dabble using various services. If you would like to try using your Twitter account for money, I’ll tell you my experience. My favorite service is called Sponsored Tweets. I recently made payout ($50) and the process is really simple. They send you emails when there are ads that match the type of things you like to tweet about and you write a tweet for the company. I love how simple it is and they have a lot of opportunities. You can either get paid for every tweet you […]

Tweet for Money

I frequent many writers’ forums. I like to lurk, absorbing the knowledge that my peers type about companies and publishers. Recently, though, I stumbled upon a thread full of angry writers. The writers all freelanced for a publication that I wrote for, as well. The publication had decided to essentially put all freelance projects on hold while they sorted out financial issues. I understood and was patiently waiting to hear if I would get to work with them again. The group of writers in this thread didn’t feel the same. Many threatened the company with a smear campaign. Others posted […]

Tip for New Writers: Successful Writers Don’t Burn Bridges