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I recently saw an ad for Emerging Cast, a site much like Demand Studios, so I decided to check it out. The site has a list of article to choose from, just like DS, but here’s the kicker: They pay around $2 per article and you don’t get paid until you’ve passed a $50 threshold if you want to be paid by PayPal. If you want to be paid by check there is a $500 threshold and a $30 administration fee. Yah, don’t think I’ll be doing any articles for Emerging Cast. If you try this freelance job let me […]

Freelance Jobs: What is Emerging Cast?

I constantly see writers asking if residual pay sites pay off. I have been a member of eHow, a residual income site, since its inception. This site shows exactly how much money each article makes, so I can see if it was worth my effort. Here’s how it panned out, below. I grouped the articles into how much they’ve earned and no article was placed in more than one category. Remember, each article only took around ten minutes to write. 82 articles made $.05-$4.99 23 articles made $5-$9.99 13 articles made $10-$14.99 17 of my articles made more than $15-$19.99 […]

Do Residual Sites Pay Off?