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The other day on a forum I frequent, a new writer asked how many articles she had to write a day to make a living as a freelance writer. Most of us seasoned vets answered, “It depends.” First, you have to decide how much money you need to make a day to live comfortably. I have decided that I need to make around $75 a day to meet my financial needs. How many articles I do depends on my client. I have one client that pays $100 per article. One article and I’m good for the day’s goal. If I’m […]

How to Make a Living as a Freelance Writer

On some forums the other day there was a broo-haha about it being impossible to make money by writing for Demand Studios. Since DS is one of my go-to sites in-between bigger jobs, of course I disagreed. I was told that my posts helped several new writers, so I’ll post them here. On using your real name instead of a pen name: I have been with DS since 2007 and my name has been on all of my articles. I have yet to see an article where your byline isn’t used. I use my real name because I often get […]

Writing for Demand Studios

I just received an email from a new Demand Studios writer. Since I have been with DS since 2007, she wanted some tips from me on how to make it as a writer there. Here’s what I told her: Read all of the information that is in the resources area of the site. Check the forums regularly for new information. To get higher paying article, keep an eye on the special assignment part of the forum  Make sure not to get a whole lot of rejections. They say that a 4% rejection rate is bad and the writer will be […]

How to Make Money with Demand Studios

So, many of you may remember that eHow was in hot water last year for stealing unintentionally taking traffic from its users. Well, it has now come to light that eHow has been using images posted by users and placing them on other articles. I was skeptical until I googled my own images that I had posted on my articles. Yep. eHow used my images to redirect traffic to articles they own. This includes illustrations that I have done for some of my how-to articles. Here’s an example of what I found: I image googled the title of one of […]

eHow is Using Copyrighted Images? Hmmm…

Well, as of March 14th, I have been with Suite 101 for four years. I know there are some writers out there that would say, “Now why would you want to stay with a revenue share site for over four years?” Well, I started with Suite to build a platform for my artistic endeavors. I signed on as the Painting/Drawing Feature Writer and now my art related articles get around 19,000 PVs a week. That’s right. That’s around 100,000 PVs a month. Not a bad platform. I also get: Hundreds of views for my art blog on Suite Letters from […]

This Week is My 4 Year Anniversary at Suite 101

To make a living as a freelance writer you have to keep track of your daily wage. I like to determine how much money I need to make in a month, then determine how much I have to make per day to meet that goal and figure out which projects will help me meet these goals. This month I have decided that I need to make at least $50 per day or more. To make sure I make that goal each day I assign a monetary value to each project on my to-do list. For example, one of my projects […]

How to Determine a Daily Wage in Freelance Writing

I have been a freelance writer for more than 11 years. I started out writing articles for print mags and now I do mostly web writing with a little print. I’ve found that the best formula for me is to have around 1/3 of my income be residual. This allows me to still be making money even when I take a day off, which is important since I have health problems and two young children. Also, I think it is important to have as many clients as possible at one time and to be continually looking for new clients. I’ve […]

How to Make it as a Freelance Writer