2 Quick Hacks to Upcycle Broken Headphones

Don’t throw out those broken headphones just yet. Here are two hacks that can make them useful again in just seconds.

Replumb your Headphones

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My daughter hates earbuds and will only wear headphones. Unfortunately, she usually ends up wearing out the cord or connectors every few weeks.

Headphones are typically more expensive to replace then earbuds, so I came up with a solution. I simply tucked a pair of earbuds into the padded flaps on the headphones and cut off the old cord.

She still has plenty of comfort, but I don’t need to buy her new headphones. Of course, this alters the sound quality a little, but if you want to save money on your kid’s headphones, this hack is a lifesaver.

Save the audio jack

Before you chunk an old pair of earbuds or headphones, cut off the audio jack. Why would you need just the jack? Plugging a jack into the audio jack on your phone can instantly silence your phone. This includes alarms and other media output.

There are several situations when having this ability would be handy. For example, if your baby falls asleep at random times, keep an old audio jack in your pocket. When your baby falls asleep, silence your phone with the audio jack. This way you don’t need to adjust your audio settings, like turning off your media volume, call volume, contacts that override your volume settings and alarm settings.

I’ve found it’s handy to have a jack next to my bed for when I don’t want anything to bother me and I’m too tired to turn off the alarm on my phone. It’s like the 2016 version of unplugging your phone from the wall.

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